Eeth Koth- An Honest Character Review and Guide by Revdrshaw

Welcome to Honest Character Reviews.  We tell it exactly like it is.  If you have watched Episode III closely, you will notice Mace Windu takes a few other Jedi with him to confront Palpatine.   So who does Sid eliminate first….oh yeah….that was Eeth Koth.  He actually gets killed before he even knows that he is being attacked.  It’s no wonder no one knows who

Eeth is when they start playing SWGOH.  Side note: props to Kit Fisto for lasting 5 seconds in that fight.
Although Eeth Koth did not initially attract me, I was going for Yoda, and he was an easy Jedi to get maxed out.  Now I am the periodically proud owner of a 7 star, fully geared, field tested Eeth Koth.  In this review I will tell you exactly why you would want to farm Eeth Koth, why you would not want to farm Eeth Koth, when he is best used, and suggest some buffs I would like to see.
Positives of Eeth Koth
  1. Speed- Eeth has 132 speed.  If you are running Qui Gon lead, that goes up to 157.
  2. Stun- He will stun you.  I mean it.  His Force Push has a 75% chance to stun and he can get up to 160% potency.  If you need to keep Poe from taunting, Poggle from granting offense up, Dooku from countering, or Ray from destroying you, Eeth Koth will stun them all.
  3. Gearing- At only 360 purples needed, he is one of the easiest characters to gear in the game.  Seriously, you have everything you need to gear him in your inventory right now.  It will take you 3 minutes, total.
  4. Anti Droid buffs- 100% defense down on Breaching Strike and 100% ability block with Force Push for 3 turns if the target is a droid.
Where Eeth Koth could improve
  1. Power- His basic attack is completely average.  Even against droids, he only has critical chance up, but the damage output is just ok.  You are still going to kill droids much faster with your top 5 dps or call and assist toons.  Plus his special got a damage nerf in the update.
  2. Useless abilities- His leadership gives Jedi 60 extra defense.  You will never use him as your Jedi leader. Never.  It’s just not going to happen.  You will use Qui Gon, Luminara, Ima Gun Di, or Old Ben for lead….but never ever Eeth.
  3. Skills that are too situational-  The anti droid skills sound good, but they are not potent enough to really make a difference against a fully powered droid comp.  They are completely useless elsewhere.  His basic will get 50% chance of defense down to any character later on, but that will need 5 precious omega mats.
  4. Health- His health is 14553 at level 80.  It’s not as bad as some, but he has the tendency to die quickly.
How to fix Eeth Koth
  1. An additional special- Get rid of Eeth’s leader ability and give him another special or unique.  This could be an AOE with a buff or debuff, defense up for the whole team, or maybe protection manipulation.
  2. Stun cooldown- His stun cool down is 3 turns.  If they really wanted to make Eeth Koth relevant for the arena, bring down the Stun cool down to 1.
  3. Go all in on the anti droid beast mode- No one running droids has ever said, “Oh snap it’s Eeth Koth. Better take him out before he goes.”  If you want to make him truly the anti-droid assassin, his damage output needs to go up to pre update FOTP levels when he is hitting droids.
Where to use Eeth Koth
  1. Light side battles- The speed and stun combo can really help you out in finishing out 3 star missions.  If you are running Qui Gon lead he is a good 5th man
  2. Galactic War- If I get hung up on a team in Galactic War, one of my first moves is usually bringing in Eeth Koth off the bench for a clutch stun.  He is almost always good for it and can help turn the tide in a fight that’s giving your A-team problems.
  3. The Healer/Support Challenge- The fastest way to beat Savage Opress in that challenge is to stun him often.  Take Eeth in there with Dooku, Yoda, Old Daka, and JC for heals.  You will keep him stunned and take Savage down in no time.
  4. The Yoda Challange- You can take him into the Yoda challenge and he will work as one of your 5.  The Breaching Strike does not have any buffs or debuffs that will apply to Yoda.  Therefore he will not pick up any extra turn meter when Eeth hits him.  Healers and Jedi who have counter attack work better, but he works.
The Bottom Line
Eeth Koth can bring some depth and key situational utility to your squad.  He needs Qui Gon’s speed boost to shine.  Without it, he feels just like Jedi Consular with stun instead of heal.  With a few kit and stat tweaks he could become relevant for the arena.  He might be an arena wild card initially at level 80 as he will hit max stats faster than most toons due to easy gearing.  I am not holding my breath on him getting in my arena lineup without an overhaul or at least a cool down on his special.
P.S.- Auto correct wants Eeth Koth to be named Seth Koth.


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