f you are lazy farming purple gear, have a look here [Gear Guide by Nicogrch]

Like we have said on our LiveStream, gearing will become a key point in this post level 70 game, as toons requires more and more purple gears that are tough to farm.

Gathering information from our blog and swgoh.gg database I have looked at the link between Health, Speed, Damage and the purple gears needed to gear a toon up to his max level.

Even if some purples are much easier to get than other, it gives a pretty fair idea of the time and refreshes needed to get your toon maxed.

If you are lazy farming purple gears but still want good characters (at least statistically) to use quickly at their max level, please read the few comment below.

I am in a hurry / allergic to math and graphs, just give me the results:
  • The tankier a character is the tougher to gear he is
  • There seem to be no link between the attacking power of a toon and the purple gear he needs
  • If you want a good Defensive toon, have a look on Barris, Darth Vader (Kylo, Tusken Raider, Finn and Fives are a bit more tough to farm but are very tanky)
  • If you want a good Attacking toon, have a look on Geonosian Soldier, QuiGon Jinn (First Order Officer, Ewok Scout, NighSister Acolyte)
I am a crazy mad graphics addict and definitely want to know more about this:

Gearing VS Health:

The graphic below gives you the total health of each toon (Health + Protection) versus the number of purple gear required to gear him to his max level.
For those who wants a bit of stats, correlation between those two data is +39%, meaning that generally speaking tankier character (e.g. Fives, Royal Guard, Chewie, First Order Stormtrooper, NighSister Iniate) are tougher to gear.

If you are looking for a tanky and easy to gear character you might consider having a look on Barris and Darth Vader (if you managed to farm him).
Fives, Finn, Plo Koon, Mob Enforcer and Mace Windu are the easiest tank to gear.
There is no easy “real tank” (tank with a taunt) easy to gear (Poe Dameron requires 805 purples but his health is just abobe average).
On the opposite, Darth Maul, Greedo, Grievous, Darth Sidious, Cad Bane are squishy but still long to gear.

Gearing VS Attacking Power (Damage * Speed):
By good attacker I mean here a character that can make lots of damage in a given time (hence the damage multiplied by speed).

There seem to be no correlation between the Attacking Power of a character and his difficulty to gear, correlation being 0%.

If you are lazy gearing your character but still want a good attacker, you might consider looking at Geonosian Soldier and Qui-Gon Jinn.
Resistance Pilot, Ayala Secura and Greedo are the tougher good attacker to gear.
Boba Fett, Royal Guard, Chewie, IG-100 are bad attacker on top of being crazy hard to gear.

Gearing VS Speed:

“Counter-intuitively”, faster character tends to be easier to gear than slower character (probably because slower character are generally tankier) ; correlation being -29% between those two data.

Fast and easy to gears character: Yoda, Geonosian Soldier, URoRRR’R, Nighsister Initiate, Qui-Gon Jinn, Poggle the Lesser.

Gearing VS Damage:
Good damage dealer tends to be slightly tougher to gear (correlation of 12%)

Glass cannons easy to gear: Geonosian Soldier, Ahsoka Tano, Qui-Gon Jinn


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