Gearing up for 80 Guide – by Revdrshaw

So you max geared all your Level 70 heroes?  Great Kid, don’t get cocky.  Level 80 is here.  That means the million purple hairdryers you need are going to make you long for the days when your biggest gearing concern was getting those 20 purple laptops.  The question now is, how many purple gears am I going to have to grind for to get my team up to max gear?  Lucky for you, we have done the math.  Below you will find the amount of purple gears needed for all the teams with faction synergies and a few popular current meta teams.

If you were thinking about leaving your current meta arena toons behind due to the battle tuning changes, don’t close the blast doors on your speed team just yet due to gearing difficulty.  Jedi, Night Sisters, current meta teams, and droids/geonosians are looking reasonable to gear.  (I use the term reasonable loosely)  Scoundrels, Resistance, Rebels and Clones are going to be the most tedious factions to gear.  Hopefully this will help the community make your leveling choices.  May the force and the purple gears be with you!
Required purple gears per team:
Jedis: Purples 2635 (QG, Yoda, Lumi, Ima Gundi, Barriss)
Night Sisters:  2680 Purples (Asajj, Talia, Daka, Iniitate, Acolyte)
Current meta Qui Gon Team: 2800 Purples (QG, Yoda, Rey, GS, RG)
Droids/Geonosians: 2940 Purples (IG88, IG86 HK47, Poggle, GS)
Current meta Dooku team: 3050 Purples (Duku, RG, Rey, GS, QG)
Stun Team: 3180 Purples (Duku, Daka, RG, Eeth Koth, HRS)
Droids/Poggle/Poe: 3425 Purples (IG88, IG86 HK47, Poggle, Poe)
Empire: 3390 Purples (Grand Moff, Veers, Vader, RG, Magmatrooper)
Ewoks: 3545 Purples (ST Han, Chirpa, Teebo, Scout, Elder)
Sith: 3625 Purples (Sid, Vader, Duku, Savage, Maul)
First Order: 3770 Purples (FOO, FOTP, Phasma, Kylo, FOST)
Clones: 3840 Purples (Rex, Fives, Clone Sergeant, Aayla, Plo Koon)
Rebels: 3910 Purples (Ackbar, Leia, HRS, ST Han, Luke)
Counter Team: 3950 Purples (Duku, Fives, Aayla, Kit Fisto, Kylo Ren)
Resistance: 4145 Purples (RT, RP, Poe, Finn, Rey)
Scoundrels: 4505 Purples (Boba Fett, Lando, Greedo, Nute, Chewbacca)


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