Nicogrch Amazes Us With His Math Regarding the Combat Changes! [Guide] Community member, nicogrch#5230, is at it again with his mathematics magic to shed some light on the new Combat Update!  Here is what he sent me via Discord chat:

Hi LordSkunk
I have had a quick look on the data published here.  Those should be the stats post the mega update.  If the stats are confirmed, here are some interesting facts regarding the new stats, I don’t have detail regarding Armor and Armor Penetration nor how Critical chance are calculated now so it is very simple data here.

Damage vs Speed:

The more right a character is on the graph the higher his damage is, the higher he is, the faster he is. Rey is still the fastest and biggest damage dealer, GS is still a good attacker, such as HRS, QGJ, Nute, FOTP, RT and so on.

Damage X Speed  vs Health:

Regarding the offensive power ( Damage * Speed) vs Health, Rey seems still awesome.  FOTP, NighSister Initiate, Ima Gun Di seems very interesting as well (such as GS, RT, QGJ, Teebo). Yoda seems to be one of the biggest nerf, he used to be awesome with the old stats and seems average now.

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