SWGoH Full Character Purple Gear Guide!

GEAR! GEAR! GEAR!  If you play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes you know all about “farming” GEAR for your favorite characters.  Now one thing we need to consider when gearing characters, who is most “costly” to gear?  Typically the purple gear and higher is the hardest to get.  Below is a list provided by community member Thugnaught on our Discord Chat on each character on many purples it takes to gear them to their current max gear level.  This is important information to know when planning out your squad as you move towards Level 80.

Nightsister Initiate 1010
Clone Wars Chewie 1090
Lobot 370
Admiral Ackbar 700
Poggle The Lesser 280
Qui Gon Jinn 360
Resistance Pilot 1060
Thugnaught (My love <3) 570
Obi-wan kenobi (Old Ben) 920
First Order Stormtrooper 1060
First Order Tie Pilot 800
Hoth Rebel SOldier 810
Luminara Unduli 600
Teebo 1010
Resistance Trooper 820
Princess Leia 770
Cad Bane 860
Nightsister Acolyte 320
Mace Windu 430
Aayla Secura 975
Geonosian Soldier 320
Kit Fisto 900
Plo Koon 570
Ewok Scout 530
Grand Master Yoda 370
Asajj Ventress 580
CT-5555 “Fives” 765
Lando Calrissian 740
Eeth Koth 360
Royal Guard 1010
CT-7567 “Rex” 840
IG-86 Sentinel Droid 880
Nute Gunray 700
Jedi Knight Anakin 995
IG-88 660
Cloudy Skytoucher 865
Tusken Raider 700
Stormtrooper Han 865
Bariss Offee 530
Imma Gunna Die 775
Darth Sidious 820
Biggs Darklighter 860
Boba Fett 1005
General Veers 580
HK-47 800
Mob Enforcer 580
Count Dooku 620
Finn 720
Darth Vader 510
Old Daka 480
Ewok Elder 390
Jawa 650
Hoth Rebel Scout 710
Savage Opress 730
Talia 290
Magmatrooper 880
Datcha  470
Grand Moff Tarkin 410
IG-100 Magna Guard 1040
Stormtrooper 830
Jedi Consular 490
Rylo Ken 690
Chief Chirpa 750
Poe Dameron 805
Jedi Knight Guardian 790
Captain Phasma 700
Tusken Shaman 350
First Order Officer 520
Rey  740
Snowtrooper 620
Darth Maul 945
Clone Sergant Phase-1 690
Coruscant Underworld Police  670
General Grievous 990
Greedo 970
Ahsoka Tano 445


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