SWGOH Game Updates this Week!


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Updates for the week


General Updates

  • The Grand Master’s Training Event now has a timer to show when it will be returning.
  • Double Drops have been added for Dark Side (Hard) battles.
  • Additional details on the Heroic difficulty for The Pit raid have been added to show that there is a time limit of 2 days.
  • A new PvE version of Rey has been added to Cantina Battle 4-G and 7-F.
  • Wedge Antilles is the new Aurodium Pack character (will appear at 4pm Pacific Time). NOTE: Aurodium Packs only appear for players who have spent $200 US dollars or more (or region equivalent).

Bug Fixes

  • Lando Calrissian’s leader ability now also applies to Rebel characters.
  • Grand Master Yoda no longer grants himself Critical Chance up when using the ability on Greedo.
  • The description for Tusken Shaman’s Rite of Savagery ability has been updated to correctly show that it gives additional health based on all negative status effects that an enemy has instead of just DoTs.


Here are the update notes for today.

  • Double Drops for the May the 4th event have ended, we hope you enjoyed it!
  • Additional Gear salvage pieces have been added to the Guild Store. Prior to this update these pieces were only obtainable as rewards from Raids. NOTE: these pieces will not appear until your store refreshes.

New Updates

  • Chat in combat (all game modes) – players are now able to chat across all game modes with their Guild mates while in combat.
  • The Achievements button has been moved from the Settings menu to the in-game Achievements menu.

Bug Fixes

  • The Raid pre-battle screen will now only show characters that are eligible to bring into the battle.
  • Commas have been added to Damage done in Raid leaderboards.
  • The last chat message is now always displayed at the bottom of the player’s screen until the chat window has been opened. This allows a player to more easily tell when a Guild member has posted a message.
  • All leader abilities now properly activate in Raids after the first attempt.
  • Reverse lookup now works properly when pointing to character shards that appear in the Shard Shop.
  • Players will now receive a message that they must be in a Guild when using reverse lookup for items in the Guild Store if they aren’t already in a Guild.
  • The Door Control Panel in The Pit Raid can no longer dodge attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a crash when crafting Gear.
  • The Door Control Panel in The Pit Raid will now have its Turn Meter persist between attempts.
  • The Protection meter on characters will now regenerate slightly in between phases of The Pit Raid as long as the character has at least a small percentage of their Protection remaining.


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