Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Top 10 Characters of the Week!

Who should you farm?  What characters out of what shipments?  Where should you invest your crystals?  Download the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Top 10 List for the week.  Get the most accurate and up-to-date character rankings and character analysis that we cover during the Live Shows.  We go over each week’s Top 10 list during the Live Show EVERY Friday.  Tune in to THE SHOW to be in the know!


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Lord Skunk is the founder and creator of the gaming community and the Live Shows. Skunk is currently playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel: Future Fight and, on occasion, Heroes of the Storm. Skunk is also the Guild Master for TeamSkunk, one of the largest gaming guilds in the galaxy. Check out his Live Shows every Friday at 8:30 PM Eastern!