Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Update – 5/10/2016 SWGOH


EA_Jesse just posted a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Update on the official forums.  Finally the guild roster bugs were fixed and they also added something I had been asking for now for awhile – a RAID ALERT!


Here are the update notes for 5/10/2016

  • Guilds will no longer have players with pending invites appear on their contribution list.
  • Pending invites to a Guild will now display properly, fixing the issue where the Guild member list would show a higher number of members than there actually were.
  • Players will now receive push notifications when their Guild starts a Raid. NOTE: the game must be running in the background and not completely closed out to receive these messages.

Great news!  Are you still looking for a long term guild to call home?  Some of our TeamSkunk guilds are looking to fill some spots.  Check it out here!


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