Top 10 Characters of the Week – Free to Play (F2P) SWGOH


This week’s Top 10 Characters for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes focuses on Free to Play (F2P) and easy to gear Characters.

First up from Team Instinct’s Wise Man Pendle list his Top 10 F2P heroes:

So guys, after last week’s list I decided that instead of doing another list of overall best characters, I would do a list aimed at F2P players, with rankings not only being indicative of character strength across all game modes, but also how well they scale through 1-80 and how easy they are to farm and/or gear. Here we go:

10) Dooku. Not the easiest character in the game to farm early game, but he does have 2 hard nodes which are available very early on and then once cantina 6 is unlocked he can be farmed much easier. His counter attacking makes him very strong at levels 1 to about 40 especially as a lot of lower levels either run Sidious lead and AoE or have several Jedi and therefore Dooku shines early game.

9) Poggle. Available from GW shipments which is the fastest shipment based farm, and also has a couple of hard nodes. He makes the list for one reason and that is offence up. Very simple purpose and therefore can make any team better. As a F2P player I feel it is important to focus on characters that are good without any real synergies, and Poggle is a good example of that.

8) IG-86. Another GW Hero, and a very decent attacker. Obviously he is made better with droids, but assist attack is amazing from Level 1 all the way to 80 so IG-86 can go in any team really. He’s not higher on this list because I think there is someone you should farm first from GW and he doesn’t have enough health to be useful in GW battles themselves.

7) Darth Sidious. The infamous Darth Sidious lead for every single GW battle is something that has luckily changed now, but there was definitely a good reason for it in the lower levels! He is in my opinion the best character to farm first from Arena Shipments, because his kit works well up to about level 60. He has a DoT AoE, inflicts heal immunity which is useful at lower levels, and also gains a decent amount of health when anyone dies, so his sustain is pretty decent. In GW that can be very useful. Not great at 80 but I still use him for my Raid DPS leader.

6) Rey. The person with the best geared/ levelled/ starred Rey on the server usually can get very high on arena on a newer server. She is probably one of the most important heroes to farm as soon as you can, but she is a long long long farm! Available from light side 2A early on, then dark side 5D and then eventually dark side 7D too. By the time you get her to 7* you will probably be somewhere between level 70 and 80, and she will continue to be useful.

5) RG. I don’t rate RG at the end game, and I’ve explained my reasons previously, but that was based on the presumption of being on a well-established server with many whales. As a new F2P, RG is still the absolute Grade A saviour of your team. And can make the difference between a rank 100 team and a rank 20 team. Also unlike most other tanks he doesn’t require any synergy to be good, so can be put with any other characters from this list. Another hard farm but at least he is available in Cantina now, although you’ll need to be 77 to get access to that node, so get farming him and Rey from hard nodes NOW!!!

4) Daka. Both Daka and my number 3 spot character are farmed from cantina shipments primarily. Both offer very good kits for very different reasons. I think Daka can be very good in arena especially on defence because her RNG can make people not want to attack you which means you don’t drop as far overnight, which is very important for the F2P player. Her stuns are very consistent and obviously her revive is useful too!

3) QGJ. Personally I rate him higher than Daka, but they both shine and you can go for which ever one you prefer from Cantina Shipments first. For those of you who don’t know, Qui-Gon has a very strong kit because he has an assist attack and a dispel, so is useful in multiple different situations. He is also better than Daka in raids phase 1, so it really depends on what you will spend your time doing!

2) Lumi. Luminara is my number 1 pick from GW shipments. She is the most versatile healer in the game and probably the easiest to farm alongside Jedi Consular who is unlocked when you start! You will need her to start completing your GW, which is vital for Credits, and that is why she is my number one pick from there. Her force blast can one-shot a lot of people until your opponent’s characters start to reach gear 7 and get protection.

1) GS. I’m sure there are no surprises here really, but I think Geonosian Soldier is the best F2P character in the game. Available from the first node of Cantina, he is one of the easiest characters in the game to farm. An assist attack with a low cooldown, and more health than most other high-dps heroes, he is an early game staple in almost every single team comp! He is also super easy to gear so you can make him strong very quickly and it will really really help you out!

Notable Characters: Jedi Consular and Chewie (The healer and taunt you receive at the start of the game are not bad at all, and can be useful, but by level 30 they just can’t hack it anymore, and therefore I wouldn’t invest a lot into them).

Yoda (Technically a F2P character and very good, but he can’t make the list because he needs you to get 5 other Jedi up, and this puts you too far off course to make it worth it in my opinion).

Droid Squad OP (I think the F2P droids are very strong, but individually they can’t make the list because individually they don’t work. The only work well in that exact team and that exact game mode. Same with the Ewoks actually. They need a lot of synergy to work and I think you are better off investing in characters that can work in lots of different teams)

You can view / download Wise Man Pendle’s list with detailed rankings here:

Also, with his first entry into the weekly Top 10 Characters segment, is Grande Patron the beloved “Bearded Warrior” and Guild Leader for TeamSkunk Omega. Here’s GP’s F2P Top 10 SWGOH Characters:

Here is my top ten list for f2p, given that everyone can’t get enough chromium’s for 7 star the exclusive characters.

10) Assaj Ventress – She is available in the Squad Arena shipments and in valuable against the double taunt team and buff teams in PvP Squad arena also great in First Phase of the Raids. Resets of all cool downs on AOE kill are fantastic just wish the AI could use her better.

9) Admiral Ackbar Great Dispeller available in Squad Arena shipments and very useful in raids and PvP. Good Synergy with other rebels. Has Turn meter gain abilities and health regain abilities.

8) Teebo Available in GW and Hard Nodes good debuffer and turn meter remover, hero of the last Mace Windu Tank Challenges on the Challenge Table. Not so good in the higher tiers of the raids but good against the Gamorian Guards and removal of buffs from the enemy.

7) Barriss Offee Really a great character for lead in GW. Found in Hard Nodes and Cantina table. Heals through healing immunity, so good against Sid. If you can’t finish GW or need help in the Yoda challenge get her.

6) Rey Need I say more? Available in Hard Nodes, she hits hard has foresight and kill everything. Put her behind a Royal Guard and you are good.

5) Old Ben Now that he is fixed a great character for lead with evasion. PvP is good cause they want to take him out last with his unique. Good in Raids for this same reason. Available in cantina tables.

4) Fives He is available in Cantina Shipments and Hard Nodes. Another guy that you want to take out last because of the counters. A tank that acts like and attacker.

3) Royal Guard Hard Nodes and Cantina table. Best taunt in the game. He works in any team. Auto Taunt and lots of health he protects everyone.

2) Qui-Gonn Jinn Best utility character. He hits hard and clears taunts will be viable for a long time available in the Cantina Shipments

1) Old Daka Cantina Shipments and Hard Nodes Stun and Heal and helps on Dark side missions what more can you ask for?

Honorable Mentions: Luminara: Good Healer Good attacker. Easy to get in GW shipments and hard nodes

Geonosian Solider: Hits hard easy to get on cantina table level 1

Yoda: Hard to get in Reward Table because you need 5 Jedi but worth it in the end. Adds buffs AoE, and buff steal make him great!

Do you agree or disagree? Have someone you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the Live Show where we went over these lists in detail and a whole lot more:




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