“Shards from Shipments….is it worth it?” Guide by Revdrshaw


This week we saw chromium exclusive characters added to shipments.  Now you can get shards from shipments for characters like Leia, Sun Fac, Rex, Darth Maul (get excited Remon) and many more.  The conversion rate is 4 shards for 320 crystals.  Is that a good idea? Will do a little math together to find out.
For these chromium exclusive characters there are two ways to get them:
Option #1- Open pack after pack, cross your fingers, and figure out what do with all those extra Cad Bane shards you just got.  Most people of the whale variety will tell you it is easy to spend $1000 or more getting any one particular character to 7stars this way.
Option #2- Buy these shipments.  If you were going after Leia you need 305 total shards to 7 star her.  If you were starting from scratch, that means you would need to purchase 77 of these 4 shard packs from shipments.  That will cost you a total of 24,640 crystals.  If a person was going to straight up buy that amount of crystals from the store, you would need to spend about $180 on crystals.  So from a cost perspective, you can get your Leia (and many other shards you may or may not want) for a random amount just below or above $1000.  Or you can spend exactly $180, buy those shards from shipments when they pop up, and after a little time 7 star Leia is yours.
Is this something everyone wants to do, probably not.  I would personally recommend buying furnaces from shipments before anything else until your top 5-10 characters that need them are geared up and ready to rock.  Further, if you are free to play or a dolphin, parting regularly with 320 crystals means you may not be getting too much else done in the game.  However, if you are looking to invest, the cost effectiveness of the shipment store is not a bad way to go.  For those spenders our there, this could be a great way to finish off some of your 6 star characters without having to invest too much more.


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