Top 10 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for Tier 7 Rancor Raids


The Top 10 SWGOH Characters for Tier 7 Raiding brought to you by Daniels Jack and  Here’s the list we covered in the Live Show:

#1 Rex: He has everything that’s important. Dispel, group Tenacity Up, Turn Meter gain and TM remove chance, + he deals decent damage. He is good in every Phase but the one he stands out is Phase 1

#2 Phasma: Turn Meter manipulation is the key to deal multiple damage and she does it better than anyone with her Group turn meter and a Slow down ability. She is your toolbox when the Rancor is doored but also against the piggies. As a leader her assist chance give u even more attacks. P1, P2, P3

#3 Rey: She is your Nr1 damage dealer. Protects herself with Foresight and most important she is very fast. When the Rancor is doored you get at least 2 attacks. Good in any Phase

#4 GS: DPS is so important, that he has to be in the Top 5. You don’t see his assist damage in the damage screenshot but have in mind his assist ability gave another character the chance to deal more damage. That’s the reason why assist characters are so important. He is good when the rancor is doored, because with Moral Bonus he has a 100% crit chance and when he crits he gets 50% turn meter (unique ab. Omega) Good in any Phase.

#5 Yoda: His Battle Meditation gives everyone Tenacity up so you don’t receive any neg. buffs. This is so important for your damage output in Phase 3 because of Rancor’s unique ability (takes 50% less damage from enemies suffering a negative status effect) + you don’t get stunned all the time. With Yoda’s Basic you get Foresight but have in mind this is only triggered when the rancor has more than 50% health, so you wanna attack with Yoda in your first team. If possible spread around Foresight to your whole team in the right moment (not before rancor roar) and enjoy just 1 free attack round. He is best in P1 and P3.

#6 Leia: She is a fast DPS and has a chance to buff your whole team (crit up) which is always good against the rancor roars so you don’t lose TM. Her only weakness is you cant protect her like in the arena with the Stealth ability, because the fight wont last long enough and you don’t wanna waste a turn.

#7 Ackbar: Dispel is important in P1 and P3 and because Rex is P2P only and probably dies in P1, he is the best one for the F2Ps. With his rework he has now assist attack and Rebels are very good against the Rancor so you probably wanna use him in a rebel team (Han, HRS, Luke, Biggs, Leia…)

#8 QGJ: He is the Nr1 Anti Taunt. Whenever the piggies taunt in P1 his humbling blow debuff them immediately. But also his speed, assist and turn meter reduction chance is good in almost any Phase. I would recommend to use him in P1, or in P3 as a Leader with the good old QGJ-Yoda Speed combo.

#9 Han: Taunt chars are good in P2 and P3 because they receive 30% less damage from the rancor slam when they are in Taunt. But this isn’t his biggest advantage. Its his Turn Meter manipulation which you wanna use right when the rancor is doored.

#10 Obi-Wan: He is a very good leader giving everyone more evasion + Turn Meter. In P2 you wanna neg. buff the rancor because of his unique ability (The Rancor has +50% Armor as long as it isn’t suffering any negative status effects.) and Obi-Wan has multiple neg. buff chance with his Mind Trick. The other thing is, when the rancor eats him, he just buff your whole team. Best in P2.

Check out the Live Show where we went over this list in-depth and more!


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