Top 10 SWGOH Characters of the Week!


This weeks Top 10 Stars Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Characters brought you by Wise Man Pendle and  Here’s this week’s list that we covered on the Live Show:

Now that I have maxed out a lot of the characters I was planning to at 80, I have been playing around with a few others and have found some hidden gems this week for sure! I am aware that a few of these are P2P exclusive but at least half of the list are available to you whatever your spend level in the game:

10) Stormtrooper Han. (I have been gearing him up and he is very useful on arena offence, because his turn meter manipulation is great, and whilst he himself doesn’t do a lot of damage, he allows others to do so. When paired with another decent taunt like RG or Chewie you can really start to take full control of a match because the opponent doesn’t usually have a way to debuff multiple taunts.)

9) Geonosian Soldier. (This week I’ve been trying out some assist synergy teams, where the assisting character does something on their basic like stun or heal or debuff. GS is my second favourite call to assist character and if you omega his unique he gets 50% turn meter every time he crits which makes him call that assist even more often!)

8) Qui-Gon Jinn. (He’s made the list every week and he continues to be invaluable in a variety of situations and teams. He is my favorite call to assist character because of his turn meter manipulation and his humbling blow. One thing to note, he doesn’t have any gear pieces at G11 and the jump in protection isn’t huge from 10 to 11 so you might want to put your scanner somewhere else and finish him off later.)

7) Jedi Knight Anakin. (I have been using him with QGJ because having both of them allows me not only to deal with a variety of in-battle situations but also pretty much guarantees that my team has offence up for the whole match. He is a character that needs to be played strategically, for example allowing an enemy to be put into the red so that you can AoE and get offence up is very important, so he takes a bit of time to get used to.)

6) Aayla Secura. (Her basic has a chance to trigger another assist, and whenever she crits she has a good chance to stun. She also has counter attack with extra counter attack damage, so if you’re facing an AoE heavy team she’s very useful, especially 40k Health + Protection at max level. And until we get given slave Leia, she’s probably the best looking hero in the game, so there’s that haha!)

5) Sun Fac. (He just makes life easy. I still only have him at G9 but a counter attacking debuff is a truly amazing thing. Once I eventually get my hands on a droid caller I will be giving it to him. He works very well alongside GS and Poggle in GW for some lovely synergy bonuses! He would be higher but he costs about 100K crystals to pack to 7* so he’s not readily available to most people yet!)

4) Leia. (Same as always, very consistent damage dealer. The reason she thrives in arena is because no-one is running much that counters her, but now that we might start to see some Echo’s around (more on that later) she might loose some of her credibility. She’s down a space from 2 weeks ago because you’ll notice that her partner in crime Fives hasn’t made the list this week because his basic got slightly nerfed, so that combination isn’t quite as potent)

3) Rey. (Probably the most important hero you can invest in right now, her speed and damage are just too good too ignore. Now that the arena will start to level out with level 80 team, it’s important that you try to learn exactly how much damage you can expect to do with each of her attacks, because you want her to definitely kill someone otherwise you’ll end up loosing to an unfortunate RG taunt!)

2) Captain Phasma. (I went so crazy buying gear from shipments when the update dropped a few weeks ago that I didn’t even realize I’d gotten my Phasma up to G10!! But since her re-work, she’s so good I’m glad I did. I think she really shines on an assist team as I mentioned earlier, because those extra stuns/ healing/ debuffing on basic is huge. She has an enormous health pool and regularly gives out advantage and takes away turn meter from the opposition team. For a decent F2P team at the moment try Phasma as Lead with GS, QGJ, RG and Daka, or Rey instead of RG on offence.)

1) Rex. (I think he has the best leadership of all the heroes that can reach Gear 11 at 80. He is still performing very well in multiple teams and the addition of a new clone in Echo benefits him more than the slight nerf of Fives detriments him so he’s keeping the top spot for now.)

Honourable Mentions: Fives (He’s still solid but everyone on this list is so good at the moment that I couldn’t warrant putting him in), Ackbar (I like what I’m seeing from his re-work but I need time to test it more thoroughly) and Echo (The new clone on the block has a very nice kit including a nice Anti-Leia AoE dispel so I can see him making the list next week for sure!)

You can download the Top 10 List here.

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