Top Ten Worst Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Characters to Farm


Top ten worst SWGOH characters in the game to farm brought to you by “The Bearded Warrior”, Grande Patron:

10. Chewbacca. Lots of gear needed very basic abilities.

9. Magna trooper. Way better characters from GW. AOE not strong basic is bad too.

8. Talia slow and kills herself when she heals the only reason to farm her is because could be your only dark side healer for a while. Long cool downs.

7. Nightsister Acolyte healer that does not heal anyone but herself. This character in cantina and not good attacks ability block ok but way better characters in cantina

6. Urrurruurr. Or how ever you say it. Look I don’t eat stuff I can pronounce I am not going to farm something a can’t either.

5. Cad Bane. Just good against Jedi but still bad and better characters in GW

4. Corisant Underworld Police. Way better characters to be farming under welming

3. Mob Enforcer wow that’s a bad AOE

2. Ugnaught bad AOE should be good against droids but only as stunner

1. Darth Maul. Worst health, worst potency, worst special damage, worst critical hit in the game. Sorry @Remon Azab 😕

Dishonorable mention General Grievous – Should be good for what you have to spend but not.


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