New Character Being Released this Week B2 Super Battle Droid for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH

EA_Jesse posted Developer Update regarding a new Aurodium pack character being released this week.  Check it out below:

We are planning to release the B2 Super Battle Droid tomorrow in the Aurodium Pack. This pack will now be purchasable by everyone level 30 or higher regardless of spend level.

Contents of the pack include:
•B2 Super Battle Droid character shards OR character
•5 Wedge Antilles shards or 5 Synergy character shards (Sun Fac, IG-86 Sentinel Droid, OR Royal Guard)
•100K Credits
•10 4-star Training Droids
•2 Ability Material MK III
Here is some additional information on B2 Super Battle Droid:


NAME: B2 Super Battle Droid
DESCRIPTION: Droid Tank that relentlessly punishes enemies that evade attacks or damage allies

Basic: Heavy Arms
Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Evasion Down until the start of B2’s next turn. •Upgrade 1: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 2: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 3: +15% Damage
•Upgrade 4: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 5: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 6: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 7: +15% Damage

Special 1: Mow Down
Base: Deal Physical damage to all enemies and Dispel all positive status effects on them, with a 50% chance to also inflict Buff Immunity for 2 turns. •Upgrade 1: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 2: +15% Damage
•Upgrade 3: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 4: +15% Buff Immunity Chance
•Upgrade 5: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 6: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 7: Cooldown – 1

Unlocks at Tier II
Unique: Relentless Barrage
Base: B2 has a 20% chance to gain 100% Turn Meter whenever another ally is Evaded or damaged by an attack. •Upgrade 1: +2% Bonus Attack Chance
•Upgrade 2: +2% Bonus Attack Chance
•Upgrade 3: +5% Bonus Attack Chance
•Upgrade 4: +2% Bonus Attack Chance
•Upgrade 5: +2% Bonus Attack Chance
•Upgrade 6: +2% Bonus Attack Chance
•Upgrade 7: +5% Bonus Attack Chance


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