Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Update #SWGOH



  • Dengar is the daily login character for June.
  • B2 Super Battle Droid is the new Aurodium Pack character. Aurodium packs are now available to all players level 30 and higher regardless of spend.


  • There is now an achievement for joining a Guild.
  • Fixed the naming conventions and icons for Gear Salvage pieces acquired from Raids.
  • Leaderboards have been updated to display top 3 Guilds from the previous month.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the description on the Sinister Laugh ability for General Grievous.
  • Abilities that apply Speed Up will now properly overwrite Speed Down debuffs.
  • Ewok Elder will now properly clear all debuffs when using his Tribal Healer abilitiy.
  • Sun Fac will now properly use his taunt when controlled by the AI.
  • A buff now appears for Admiral Ackbar’s Tactical Genius effect.
  • Characters who did not have abilities that did special damage but had Gear pieces that gave boosts to special damage have had those gear pieces changed out for pieces without the special damage bonuses.
  • Players can no longer reset their Raid attempts by moving their device clock forward.
  • Rey now properly gains offense up when fighting the Rancor after using Leverage while having the Morale buffs received after destroying the door panel.
  • Fixed a bug where Greedo would sometimes cause the game to crash.
  • Asajj Ventress no longer receives the buff from her Rampage ability when the door panel is defeated in the Rancor Raid.
  • Stages for Light Side Stage 8 Hard difficulty can now be properly refreshed with Crystals.


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