Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Live Show | This one’s for all the ladies! #SWGOH

Welcome to’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Live Show! We have a jam packed show for you tonight!   We will complete a Tier 7 Raid LIVE for TeamSkunk!  Ladies night! Female character event.  Challenges, Arena, Galactic War and Tier 7 Raid and more! Need help or advice?  Hear from the best and ask questions in our Live Chat.  Featuring Lord Skunk with Special Co-Host and Guests!

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Lord Skunk is the founder and creator of the gaming community and the Live Shows. Skunk is currently playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel: Future Fight and, on occasion, Heroes of the Storm. Skunk is also the Guild Master for TeamSkunk, one of the largest gaming guilds in the galaxy. Check out his Live Shows every Friday at 8:30 PM Eastern!