Best Raid Team for 1 Million+ Damage in T7 Raid Guide | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH

Team Skunk Raid Review: How to Score Over a Million Damage in T7 Phase 1

There has been forum discussion and youtube videos that demonstrate how to post impressive phase 1 damage.  This review will look at the strategy, gear, and abilities needed so that you can dominate phase 1 of a tier 7 raid.


The general strategy

Turn meter control and speed down prolong the attempt to allow for sustained damage to the captain.

Save both Phasma and Rey for later phases of the raid to further dominate your competition!…I mean guild mates and friends.

The Team

Teebo as leader provides turn meter gain for the team.


Required: Omega to his leadership ability increases the chance of 25% turn meter gain at the end of a turn from 25% to 50%.  

Recommended: Omega to the Basic attack and dispel attack increases turn meter reduction further by 25% and 30% respectively.


Required: Gear 10 to maximize damage and protection

Recommended: Gear 10 Nubian Security Scanner to increase potency from 40% to 80%

Jawa for speed down on basic attack


Required: Omega to his basic attack to increase the chance of speed down from 25 to 50%

Recommended: None!


Required: Gear 9 to improve damage and protection

Recommended: Gear 10 for 6 speed, 30% potency and increased damage and protection

Genosian Solder for assist damage and further TM control by assisting allies, excellent TM


Required: Omega to the assist attack to increase damage by 15% and unique ability to increase TM gain after critical hit

Recommended: Omega to his basic attack provides 5% additional damage


Required: Gear 10, maximum gear for maximum damage

Rex for cleanse, turn meter manipulation, and burst damage against the guards


Required: None

Recommended: Omega to the basic for increased chance of turn meter reduction and to the special attack for 5% target health increased burst damage


Required: G11 to maximize initial burst damage

QGJ for TM control with his basic, dispel and assist damage with assist TM control


Required: Omega to the basic for TM reduction to target

Recommended: Omega to dispel for an additional turn of offense up.


Required: G11 to maximize damage and protection

Overall Strategy and Tips

  1. This team composition does NOT work in a zerg raid format.  You need to be able to reset the initial encounter to ensure maximum damage.
  2. Target the Gamorrean Brute with both assist attacks and Rex’s special attack.  If he is not dead by the time the Captain casts Bestial Roar, reset.  This is the most frustrating part of the encounter and relies heavily on RNG.
  3. When the Gamorrean Brute is dead, target the Gamorrean Guard and kill him.  Take every opportunity you have to apply the slow from Jawa and TM reduction from Teebo to the captain before the Brute dies but only if the Brute has minimal turn meter.
  4. Use QGJ’s assist attack when the captain has a small amount of turn meter otherwise use his basic on the captain.
  5. When he resummons the guards, target the Guard and then the Brute.  This will be the opposite order employed at the start of the encounter.
  6. Don’t forget to keep Teebo stealthed as much as possible for TM reduction on his basic.
  7. Utilize both QGJ’s dispel for offense up and Teebo’s dispel for TM reduction.
  8. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to kill the Gamorrean Guard with Jawa’s AOE attack if the Brute has cast taunt.
  9. Enjoy those Han Solo shards!

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