EA PLAY 2016 “The Future of EA Star Wars Games” #SWGOH #R2D2

EA is hosting a convention event where they covered their many games and what’s coming in the future.  As most of us know EA has the Star Wars license for the next several years, so there was of course some Star Wars gaming news, specifically Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  Here is an excerpt regarding SWGOH:

With Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes, the team at Capital Games has already delivered a deep Star Wars mobile experience featuring iconic characters and locations from every corner of the Star Wars universe. With new features like guilds, raids and chat added this spring, and more new updates planned for the year, players will have a ton of new content to experience for a long time to come.

Check out the full EA Play 2016 Star Wars page here:  http://www.ea.com/play2016/news/the-future-of-ea-and-star-wars-games


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