Best Team to Solo Tier 6 Phase 1 Rancor Raid and Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH


We get a lot of requests for Tier 6 Raid Best Teams and Tactics for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and it’s been so long since I have done one I just don’t know personally.  However I received an email from Goldane, an SWGOH player, who provided us with a great guide to solo Phase 1 for a Tier 6 Raid.  Check it out:


I wanted to share this with you guys as a thank you for all your hard work in bringing us quality streams every week!
I just soloed Tier VI Phase 1 in just over 2 hours and did over 6 million damage with this team:

Teebo lead (Gear 9, basic and lead omegas)

QGJ (Gear 10, basic omega)

Rex (Gear 11, everything omega)

Fives (Gear 10, basic and tact awareness omega)

CWC (gear 9, basic omega)

The Pig guards spawned 3 times during the fight and the captain had 1 attack left before enraging when I finally finished him.

Strategy per character:

Teebo – Due to the stealth bug I only use Scramble Tactics when I absolutely have to. Otherwise I let his Guerrilla Warfare stealth him. This is because Guerrilla Warfare interrupts Scramble tactics and often leaves Teebo unstealthed for 4 turns! Even when the guards are spawned I still continue to use Stealth Takedown on the captain unless Teebo isn’t stealthed or I need his Bring Low to remove guard buffs. His enrage countdown is KEY so I never want him going!

Rex – Rex is money on this team. Most people stay on Impeding Shot most of the raid because of its TM reduction. This, however, is an incorrect use of Rex. I am constantly monitoring Teebo’s and Fives’s TM to see when to hit Squad Discipline. If Fives TM is high but Teebo’s is low, I activate Squad Discipline for a shot of TM to the whole team! The idea here is that you want Teebo to go as much as possible. Only use Subdue to help take out the guards.

QGJ – This one is easy. I only ever use Quick Strike unless the guards are up. Then i hit them with Harmonious Assault and Humbling Blow.

Fives – Fives’s sole purpose here is to keep speed down on the captain with his basic. I do switch to Combined Fire when available because it calls in a TM removal from another character.

CWC – Chewie is in this team for depth on TM reduction and taunt. His basic isn’t as effective as the others but does help. His hidden value in this team is his ability to taunt when I know the hits are coming and to heal himself back to 100%. I have found that the AI likes to swing at chewie more than the others so it works very well.

I hope this helps. It does take a long time, but I have a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy! 🙂


Eclipse Reborn

Thanks to Goldane for the great guide. Check out more guides here!


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  1. thank you for this guide it is really helpful and it is great to have some help for players, like myself who are not at tier 7 raids yet. however, I would love to hear about possible replacements in this team. for example, I am a free to play player so is admiral ackbar an adequate replacement for Rex?