Raid Character Review: Is Geonosian Soldier’s Gear Bugged? Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH


Team Skunk will be reviewing characters to assess their viability in the T7 heroic rancor raid. These reviews are based on hundreds of Rancor attempts across all the phases of the raid and with a variety of leaders. These reviews will not include character stats, gearing, or ability levels and for that information you can use Sometimes, we will use the same database to answer questions posed by the community.

There have been reports that the Geonosian Soldier loses damage with increasing gear levels. To explore whether this is reflected in raid damage we will look at average damage by leader for different phases of the raid. The most commonly used raid leader with Geonosian Soldier is Captain Phasma.

Screenshot 2016-06-15 02.58.37

Geonosian Soldier gains 83% Damage with increased gear in phase 1 and 3, 88% in phase 2 and 78% in phase 4. Not only is his damage not bugged with gear increase, his damage increase with gear is greater than Rey’s 44-67% increase across phases.

So the Answer is…Go Gear GS!

Guide by MaliaBean of TeamSkunk. Download this guide here.

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