TeamSkunk Unlocks Han Solo in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH


It is done, after 19 Tier 7 raids Teamskunk unlocked Han Solo

Before the Raid:

Name Han
Alpha Mol Eliza 142
LordRath 138
MaliaBean 137

Today 3 of our Teamskunk Alpha players had the chance to unlock Han. (unlocks at 5* = 145 shards)
In the lead was “Alpha Mol Eliza” with 142 shards. He always finished in the Top 10 and only needed a place in the Top 30.
LordRath had 138, which meant a Top 10 finish and MaliaBean with 137 needed at least Top 3.

The circles indicate the rank of the player on that day
The bars show the total Han shards on that day

Results of Tier 7 raid on 15.Jun

Name Rank
Total Damage
Han shards
New total
Han shards
MaliaBean  1  1.544.601  10  147
LordRath  2  1.483.615  9  147
Alpha Mol Eliza  3  1.239.219  8  150

Congratulations to Alpha Mol Eliza, LordRath and MaliaBean for unlocking Han Solo.
I am sure many other will follow our 3 Officers in the next days and weeks and we will accomplish our goals by fair play, how its supposed to be.

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