Zam Wesell Added to Chromium Packs! New Scoundrel Character for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH


Zam Wesell, everyone’s most beloved character from Star Wars Episode 2 is making her way onto the Holotable in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!  SWGOH players can find this new Scoundrel character in Chromium Packs.

Let’s look at Zam with max character and gear level.  She has a speed of 151, power of 7003, she can currently get to Gear Level 10 with 1 Mk 5 CEC Fusion Furnace, 1 Mk 7 Nubian Security Scanner and 1 Mk 6 Nubian Tech Design.  She has 12,820 hit points with 10,494 in Protection.  Her Tenacity is at 55% and a Potentcy of 97%.  (Tenacity is the ability to RESIST negative effects, Potentcy is the ability to INFLICT negative effects.)


Let’s look at her maxed abilities:

Detonating Shot – Basic Level 8: Deal Physical damage to target enemy, immediately detonating any Thermal Detonators. For each Thermal Detonator that explodes in this way, Zam gains 17% Turn Meter for each living Scoundrel ally.

See What Sticks (5 Turn Cooldown) – Special Level 8: Place Thermal Detonators on all enemies that explode after 2 Turns with a 70% chance for Zam to gain Speed Up for 3 turns.

Electro-Goggles (4 Turn Cooldown) – Special Level 8: Inflict Evasion Down on all enemies for 4 turns with a 80% chance to Expose the primary target for 2 turns.

Shapeshifter – Unique Level 7: Zam gains 18% Evasion while suffering from a negative status effect. Whenever Zam Evades an attack, she also dispels all negative status effects on herself. Whenever Zam is Critically Hit, she gains Evasion Up for 2 turns.

What do you think of Zam?  Are you going to bust out some Chromium Packs to get her?  Let us know in the comments below!


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