Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Community Update Posted #SWGOH


EA_Jesse posted a Community Update for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  Here is what has happened recently, as well as what’s coming up, for SWGOH:

Fairly short community update this week, but here is everything that happened, as well as what we’re looking at for next week.

What happened this week?
•We released the new Force Champion Events, introduced Zam Wesell and placed shards for Princess Leia in the Arena Store –
•The Executive Producer, John Salera, made a post about pre-crafting:

What’s coming next week? •The next Force Champion Event will be introduced which will allow players to earn shards for Kit Fisto. We’re aiming to have this event go live on June 23rd. The requirements for this event will be the same as the current Force Champion Event.
•We’re removing the Profit Mining event and will be adding a new type of event, one that will only appear once a week and on a random day. This new event will require Scoundrels and award Credits upon completing it. We’re planning on this event appearing within the next couple of weeks.

Got your Scoundrels ready?

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