Even More Rogue One Photos from Entertainment Weekly!

Rogue One 07

Entertainment Weekly decided to wrap up their coverage on Rogue One this week with yet another set of photos from the production. Check them out…

The previous story on Mon Mothma was supposed to be the last one of EW’s coverage on Rogue One from this week. But because of the great interest and fan reactions around the web, Anthony Breznican and company decided to share even more with all of us:

From EW:

Rogue One 01

The movie will feature never-before-seen vehicles, like the fang-toothed TIE Strikers (featured on our cover image), as well as some sinister new classes of Stormtroopers — like the black-masked Deathtrooper pictured here. Storywise, what became of these designs during later years of the galactic conflict? Were they experimental models? Will the Rebel victory be so complete that the Empire never uses them again?

Rogue One 02

This shot of Donnie Yen’s blind warrior-monk, Chirrut Imwe, gives us a good look at a new kind of weapon on his back. In the trailer, we see him face down a Stormtrooper using only a wooden staff. (No laser sword for him!) But the device slung on his back looks unusually ornamental for a mere blaster.

Rogue One 03

Here we see Diego Luna’s Capt. Cassian Andor in the beach battle alongside some fellow Rebel soldiers. Director Gareth Edwards says there are at least two background creatures who fight with the squad, but they aren’t major characters.

Rogue One 04

While Chirrut puts his faith in the Force, Jiang Wen’s hard-bitten soldier, Baze Malbus, clearly believes more in the force of firepower. Here we see him taking up position beside a crashed X-wing fighter, toting a blaster that’s linked up to a massive power pack on his back.

Rogue One 05

The filmmakers say he’s [Luna’s character] the reliable, stable one who counters her loose-cannon tendencies, sort of Murtaugh to her Riggs. No doubt Jyn and Cassian form a trust and a friendship, but does that always have to mean romance?

Rogue One 06

This is a behind-the-scenes shot, showing Baze, Chirrut, and a squad of Rebel fighters storming the beach. The helicopter camera is a surprising element, however, because it’s not typically the kind of shot we’ve seen before in a Star Wars film, which tend to be more classically composed.

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Special thanks to Anthony Breznican and EW for the fantastic coverage. We needed that.

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