Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Community Update #SWGOH


What happened this week?
•The Force Champions Event was cancelled. For details please see the post here:
•We made some changes to the way Guild Bank Currency is earned and discussed some other changes we’ll be doing in the near future for Guilds:

What’s coming next week?

•There will be a new event that we’re aiming to have go live on June 28th (please note that this date could shift slightly). This will be the new Credits event that we had previously mentioned. Here are the details and requirements:
•Requires 5 Scoundrels
•There are 2 versions, level 50 and 70.
•You may complete each version 2 times, which will give you a total of 1 million Credits.
•This event will be random when it returns, but we’re aiming for it to be at least 1 day a week and during a weekday.

•A New character will replace the B2 Super Battle Droid in the Aurodium Pack, Geonosian Spy. This stealthy Geonosian attacker can dispel status effects and deal massive damage. Here is a look at his abilities:

Geonosian Spy


Basic: Feint
Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If this attack does not score a Critical Hit, 50% chance to gain Critical Chance Up for 1 turn. If this attack scores a Critical Hit, gain Stealth for 2 turns. •Upgrade 1: +15% chance to gain Critical Chance Up
•Upgrade 2: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 3: Stealth Duration + 1
•Upgrade 4: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 5: +15% chance to gain Critical Chance Up
•Upgrade 6: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 7: Critical Chance Up Duration + 1

Special 1: Silent Strike
Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and, if Geonosian Spy isn’t Stealthed, inflict Evasion Down for 2 turns. If Geonosian Spy is Stealthed, Dispel all positive and negative status effects on both Geonosian Spy and the target and deal 10% more damage for each effect Dispelled in this way. This attack can’t be Evaded. (Cooldown 4) •Upgrade 1: +5% Damage per Dispel
•Upgrade 2: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 3: +5% Damage per Dispel
•Upgrade 4: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 5: Cooldown – 1
•Upgrade 6: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 7: +10% Damage per Dispel

Unlocks at Tier II
Unique: Illicit Insect
Base: Whenever a Geosonian ally inflicts a negative status effect, Geonosian Spy gains 40% Turn Meter. •Upgrade 1: +2% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 2: +3% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 3: +2% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 4: +3% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 5: +5% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 6: +5% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 7: +10% Turn Meter Gain

•Lastly, Jedi Knight Anakin will be the daily login character for July. We’ve recently reworked his abilities which you can see below:

Jedi Knight Anakin


Basic: Deft Bladework
Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 40% chance to inflict Healing and Buff Immunity for 2 turns. •Upgrade 1: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 2: +15% Healing and Buff Immunity Chance
•Upgrade 3: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 4: +15% Damage
•Upgrade 5: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 6: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 7: +15% Healing and Buff Immunity Chance

Special 1: Reckless Assault
Base: Deal Physical damage to all enemies. For each enemy Critically Hit, 25% chance for all allies to gain Offense Up for 2 turns. For each enemy not Critically Hit, 20% chance for Anakin to become Exposed for 2 turns. (Cooldown 3) •Upgrade 1: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 2: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 3: +15% Damage
•Upgrade 4: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 5: +15% Damage
•Upgrade 6: +5% Damage
•Upgrade 7: +15% Damage

Unlocks at Tier II
Leader: Always on the Offensive
Base: Jedi and Clone allies gain 10% Offense and 10% Critical Damage and other allies gain half that amount. Whenever an ally is Evaded, they gain Advantage for 2 turns. •Upgrade 1: +2% Offense
•Upgrade 2: +4% Offense
•Upgrade 3: +5% Critical Damage
•Upgrade 4: +2% Offense
•Upgrade 5: +4% Offense
•Upgrade 6: +5% Critical Damage
•Upgrade 7: +8% Offense

Unlocks at Tier IV
Unique: Righteous Fury
Base: Whenever another ally falls below 50% health or is defeated, Anakin gains 60% Turn Meter and his next attack deals 25% more damage. •Upgrade 1: +10% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 2: +25% Damage
•Upgrade 3: +10% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 4: +10% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 5: +25% Damage
•Upgrade 6: +10% Turn Meter Gain
•Upgrade 7: +25% Damage

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