Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Update Today – Anakin Rework, Scoundrel Event, Dengar, Tusken Shaman #SWGOH

Greetings,Here are the update notes for today.


  • Jedi Knight Anakin is the daily login character for July.
  • Geonosian spy has been added to the game, and will be available via the Aurodium pack on June 30th
  • Tusken Shaman is available once again in Chromium Packs.
  • Character shards for Dengar are now available in the Guild Store.


  • The Profit Mining event has been removed.
  • The MK 5 Arakyd Droid Caller will no longer appear in Shipments.
  • The MK 7 Nubian Security Scanner now has a chance to appear in Shipments.
  • Chewbacca’s Wookiee Rage ability now displays more information when he has the Maximum Health increase buff.


  • The Credit Heist event is a new type of event that will appear on a random weekday. The first day of this event will start on June 29th. Here are some details on the event:
    • There is a level 50 and a level 70 version
    • Requires 5 Scoundrels
    • Each version (level 50 and 70) may be completed twice for free. 150k credits for each level 50 completion, and 350k credits for each level 70 completion.
    • The event will run for 15 hours each time it appears.
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Source: SWGOH Official


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