New Captain America Uniform Revealed in Marvel: Future Fight “Sharon Rogers” #MFF


New Captain America Uniform Revealed in Marvel: Future Fight that will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Captain America.  This new “uni” will be released by June 30th, 2016.  Here is some more info:

Marvel Future Fight will introduce fans to Sharon Rogers — highly trained in martial arts, espionage, and battling evil tyrants — as the daughter of Steve and Peggy Carter.

“They asked the question, what if Steve Rogers was not frozen in ice at the end of WWII? And what if Steve married Peggy Carter? And what if they then had a daughter? And what if their daughter, Sharon Rogers, picked up the shield and not only had the training of Captain America, but also had the espionage skills taught to her by her mother Peggy?” Rosemann explains. “So in this world, the daughter of Captain America and Peggy Carter — Sharon Rogers — she becomes her world’s Captain America.”

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