Preview Images from Upcoming Rogue One Book Reveal New Planet and Ship Details!


BookManager has posted some preview images for an upcoming kid’s activity book on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that is scheduled to be released around the time of the film’s release. The images reveal some interesting info about the tropical planet seen in Rogue One production images and footage, including the name of the new planet. There is also some new info concerning the design and purpose of the new U-Wing.  Hit the jump to take a look…

Rogue One Planet Info


Well folks, we now have a name to go with the tropical island paradise.  We also have the knowledge that this planet, Scarif, is home to a massive Imperial installation that is supplying the resources needed for the Death Star’s construction.  The U-Wing also sounds like a nice addition to the rebel fleet, and its purpose as a drop ship makes a lot of sense with the ground-pounding battle action that I think we can expect from this film.

Click Here to see all of the images and stay tuned to Star Wars News Net for more Rogue One news as the December release date approaches.



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