Increase to Credit availability


One of the themes we’re seeing in some of the posts recently is that players are concerned about the need to spend Credits on Mods.

Please know that the dev team has planned for this and addressed the problem in the following ways.

(Note: these changes won’t be live until the update is live.)

  1. Galactic War will now reward more credits.
  2. The brand new Cantina Mod Battles and Cantina Restricted Challenges will award a large number of Credits.
  3. Players will be able to sell excess Mods they earn for Credits. The higher the quality of the Mod, the more Credits it will be worth.

As always, we will keep an eye on the feedback and the in-game data and make adjustments as needed.

Hope that helps clarify things.


Community Manager for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes | Twitter – Darokaz

Source: SWGOH Official


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