Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Daily Guild Contribution Update #SWGOH

There was a change to how Guild Bank Coins are earned, but we haven’t pushed the Newsletter yet, so we’re posting it here early.We have removed the Personal Guild Contributions (having to spend 600 energy a day) from the Daily Activity section and have implemented a new system now found in the Guild section of the Cantina under Guild Activities. Each guild member’s progress and their contribution of Guild Bank Coins will be displayed in this area. These Guild Bank Coins will be deposited in the Guild Bank once the Guild Activities reset every 24 hours.

Due to this change, we are going to grant some Guild Bank Coins to offset any loss of Coins accrued. In addition, we know that last week there was a server bug where Guilds completed a Raid with a single individual doing an extraordinary amount of damage. Due to this bug, we’ve decided to increase the amount of Guild Bank Coins your Guild will receive, from 15,000 to 75,000.

Which means all Guilds who are not at the Coins cap will receive up to 75,000 Guild Bank Coins when the Guild Leader logs in. Please note that if you are at level cap or close to it, you will be topped off to the full amount of guild currency allowed.

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Source: SWGOH Official


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