Marvel: Future Fight Releases 2.3.0 Update Sharon Rogers Captain America 75th Anniversary, Sin, New Tier 2 Advancement and more! #MFF

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The time for teasing and slithers of information is over, it is time to unveil the details of Marvel Future Fight 2.3.0. Will the daughters of 2 of the most iconic characters in Marvel Comics be able to save our dimension?

2 New Characters


Captain America (Sharon Rogers) and Sin join Future Fight!


* ‘Captain America (Sharon Rogers)’ will be able to obtain through Event Mission  * ‘Sin’ will be available through Hero Chest and Biometric Selectors.  *Skill stats show are at level 1


New Team Bonuses and Achievements have been added for the new characters.


8 New Tier-2 Advancement


8 Characters are now able to advance their powers and become Tier-2 Characters!

Check out the following Characters who will be able to advance in 2.3.0.


[Advancement?]    A character which is Advanced from Tier-1 to Tier-2 will gain a stat increase, as well as a new passive skill.   * Level, Mastery, and Gear Upgrade will not change after the Advancement.

3 New 6 Skills


Nebula, Red Skull, and M.O.D.O.K. will get their 6 Skills.


– Red Skull (Including Uniform): Legion of Hydra

M.O.D.O.K. (Including Uniform): Head-On

 – Nebula: Shooting Star


6 New Uniforms


New Uniforms have been added for Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K., Winter Soldier, Punisher, Agent 13, and Crossbones.


* New Uniforms will be on sale during the sales period. * You will be available to check more details and changes in Marvel Universe and Uniform room.

In Game Guide Changes


Our in game guides have been improved. We have added a few more categories to better explain how certain mechanics work. The new Guide layout will be:

[Hero Info / Hero Growth / Gear Growth / Item Glossary / Content Glossary / Skill Name Glossary]



CO-OP Changes


To round out the upgraded features of the last few updates, co-op mode will be getting a facelift with a new UI and a few new features. .


  1. UI Changes

1) You will be able to check Best Reward Gauge without checking through the result window.


2) We have added a percentage of damage done indicator to the results window.


* If all team members decide to retry or quit, the countdown will be immediately finish and the next game will start.


  1. Auto Repeat, Quick Match and Auto Play Added


The all new quality of life changes to co-op play do not stop there. We have added Auto Repeat and Auto Play to the mode. By using clear tickets, you can auto-repeat your matches. Auto play will allow the AI to take control of your fight to clear the co-op bosses.


The upgrades do not stop there. We have also added a quick match mode, which removes the lobby screens and just throws you immediately into the fight.



* If you use Quick Match, you will matched with other Agents who are using Quick Match.   * If you use Auto Repeat, Auto Play will also be used during the battle.   * Auto Repeat is only available with Quick Matches   * If you fail on a CO-OP Mission during Auto Repeat, Auto Repeat will not stop. Also Clear Tickets will still be       taken.



* You will see Auto Repeat Icon while using Auto Repeat function.

You can always stop using by turn Auto Repeat off in battle.


S.H.I.L.E.D. Lab Changes


  1. Converter Changes

1) Name Change: Biometric Converter > Converter

2) If you can use Converter, this icon will be shown.

  3) Converting Changes

By using Biometrics, you will be able to obtain pre-selected biometrics each day.

X5, X10 Change button has been added.



* Biometrics and Norn Stone Changes share their Daily Limit with each other.  * Daily Limit increases by upgrading Converter.  * You will not be able to obtain Biometrics of Monthly Selector Characters, A-Force Characters, or World Boss Characters. * If S.H.I.E.L.D. device reached to certain level, amount of Antimatter requirement for changing Biometrics or Norn Stones will Differ.


  4) New Feature: Norn Stone Converter

By using Norn Stones and Antimatter, you will be able to obtain the Norn Stone type of the day.

Norn Stone also can be converted 5 or 10 times at once.



  1. Warp Device Changes

  1) If you can Deploy, this icon  will be shown on the lab icon.

2) Tier-2 Advanced Characters can be deployed as well

* Black Order Characters are excluded.

  3) You will be able to finish all missions at once by using ‘All Missions Complete’ button.



  1. New Items in Item Shop

1) New Items have been added that can be purchasable by Gold or Crystals


– By Gold: ISO-8 ★4, Lv.4 and 5 EXP Chip, Clear Ticket, Dimension Debris, Norn Stone, Special Gear 1~3

– By Crystals: ISO-8 ★5~★6, ISO-8 ★1~★6(Transcended)

Special Gear 4~★6, Special Gear 4~★6

2) Prices in the Item Shop will be adjusted.


Ticket Changes: Rank Up/Mastery/Advancement


 Process of using Tickets (Rank Up/Mastery/Advancement) has been made easier.


  1. Rank Up Ticket

You can use Rank Up ticket in the Character Information window



  1. Mastery Ticket

You can use Mastery Ticket in the Character Information window.



  1. Tier-2 Advancement Ticket

You can use Tier-2 Advancement Ticket in Character Information window.





Other Improvements


  1. Using the Arrows in the Team Navigation window now takes you to the next character in line, instead of a random character. 2. Activation Options in ★3 or more rank Special Gears has been changed

* Option changes

1) Name: Freeze when attacking / Deals Energy n% Damage based on Energy Attack

– Freeze a targeted enemy

2) Name: Deals n% Energy Damage when attack

– When you attack, an energy beam will fall on the head of the enemy causing damage

– It’s activation time from activate to attack has been decreased

– Damage dealt has been increased


# 100% 200%

# 110% 210%

# 120% 220%

# 130% 230%

# 140% 240%


# 160% 260%

# 170% 270%

# 180% 280%

# 190% 290%

# 200% 300%


3) Name: Deals n% Physical Damage when hit

– After a hit, a shockwave emits out in a circle hitting nearby enemies away

– Effective range has been increased

* Fixed an issue with 4 or higher rank Special Gear option not shooting beams

* Fixed an issue with 4 or higher rank Special Gear option that does not release shock wave


  1. Fixed an issue with Special Gear Skill Damage that added to Character’s Projectile damage. 4. Fixed an issue with Special Gear Skill Damage that increases by the Character’s Passive Skill.  5. VIP Bonus Changes

1) VIP Level has been expanded to 20

2) Auto Play ++ can be used from VIP 2

3) If you are certain level of VIP, you can obtain EXP by using Clear Tickets in Story Missions.


  1. Fixed an issue with Character’s rank not showing in the Team Management Window. 7. Changed skill descriptions of Captain Marvel (Including Uniform) “Absorb Energy” and Lash (Including Uniform) “Energy Steal”

– Before: Attack + +10% by 1% of Lost HP

– After: Attack +10% Increase per Accumulated 1% Damage

  1. New Feature: While ISO-8 Upgrading, you can automatically set the rank of ISO-8 used by using ‘Auto Select’ button.



  1. Added difficulty rating to different missions (Note: This does not change the mission at all).


  1. Default option for ‘Adjust Vpad’ will be ‘ON’ after the update. 11. Stat Revisions in Live Battleworld [Beta] for Defense, HP, and HP Recovery has been decreased.  12. If you do not finish Live Battleworld [Beta] properly, your score will be deducted.  13. An issue with Targeting in Live Battleworld [Beta] has been fixed.  14. An issue with Ant-Man’s Tier-2 Skill has been fixed. 15. Fixed an issue with following skills that does not hit enemies if they move out of range

– M.O.D.O.K.: Dominance of Spirit, Doomsday Chair Shot, Impending Doom, Telekinetic Force Blast

– Agent 13: Sliding Kick, Back Flip Attack, Covering Fire, Backup


More info here:



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