Dengar – The Most Powerful Raid Character in the Game Post-Mods

There has been very valid complaints about the dramatic decrease to potency in characters that are fixtures of our raid team – Teebo, 5s, Rex, QGJ.
There is a great work around that does not require you to farm useless Empire toons…who really needs a G10 Snowtrooper, anyway.
Dengar with potency mods, even 1-2 dot, paired with Captain Phasma guarantees with 85% efficiency tenacity down on both the Captain and the Rancor. This means that regardless of the potency of your speed down and TM reduction characters, you will achieve their negative status effect 85% of the time. You can easy solo P1, and with reasonable RNG progress even to P4 with a Dengar team.
Just by adding Dengar to your team, you can bypass the terrible potency mod grind and focus on mods that are actually useful in the arena and GW.