Community Update – 8/5/2016


What happened this week?

Some questions answered

  • Why aren’t you guys addressing Galactic War? There is a giant thread with over 3k replies!
    As we have stated in the past, Galactic War is functioning as intended right now. It is meant to be difficult and take multiple squads to complete.
  • When are you going to fix Teebo?
    We attempted to put a fix in for Teebo a while back, but it instead introduced new bugs for the character. The bug fix required for Teebo goes deeper than the character himself, it involves the stealth mechanic which affects all stealth characters. The game team is still working on the fix for this and it will be ready in a future update.
  • Are any additional changes going to be made to Mods?
    There are currently no plans to make any additional changes to Mods.

What’s being worked on now?

  • We have brand-new content and events coming this month that we’ll share more details on in the coming weeks. We will also continue to roll out updates that address bugs that have been reported by the community.
Community Manager for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes | Twitter – Darokaz

Source: SWGOH Official


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