Wise Man Pendle Top 8 Mod Sets

With the release of Mods, I know a lot of people are wanting a top ten relating to them. This is quite tricky because the nature of mods is that there is a huge variety in them and we will be discovering great mod combos that work for months to come. So, what this is instead is a ranking of the mod sets you can get (So it’ll be a top 8!) and giving a little bit of a guide on when to use each one. Bear in mind that the primary and secondary stats on the mods are more influential than the set type, but this should help you know where you want to be farming those! So let’s begin:

8) Defence.

It is still something that seems to do less than it should, and unless you can get super amounts of it stacked, I would rather just pick up protection primaries on other sets instead as I think the extra HP is better than a bit of damage mitigation. However, as it increases armour, people who have a lot of amour might find use from a 2 piece defence set. Old Ben is an example of this, but he is unlikely to be targeted anyway, so although it suits him, it’s not going to give you much use in an actual battle!

7) Health.
Good for specific people, like healers who heal everyone for a percentage of their health. Bariss Offee is a prime candidate here. I like that it’s a 2 piece set so you can actually get an extra 15% health, which on someone with a big enough starting HP could be good. The only issue is, for most people I would rather get the 23.5% protection than the 5.88% health as primaries, so stacking health high enough to make the 15% really worth it is only going to be worthwhile on a handful of characters. Worth noting that if this is the only one you have access too it’s still okay, just not as good as some of the others.

6) Tenacity.
Tenacity and Potency are pretty much on par with one another, but for me base tenacity on quite a few characters is already manageable so I rate it of lower value. Also there are characters (Like Rex), who give tenacity up to the whole team anyway. For me, the minimum you really want to get the tenacity to is around 60, to make it much harder to be stunned etc. A tenacity set on someone who counters but doesn’t inflict negative status effects is great, coupled with something that makes them hit harder can be really good.

5) Potency.
For anyone who does want to inflict a negative effect (and there are a lot of them), potency is really great! Another 2 piece set, so if you wanted you could get a total of 30% extra potency from 3 sets, which is great. For the raid, I suggest a minimum potency of 60 on your TM removers against the captain, and if your wanting to get them to land on the Rancor you want 90 upwards, ideally over 100 or just as high as you can get it to be consistent! Remember you can use combinations of tenacity and potency mods, so for example I want my Aayla to stay debuff-free and have enough potency to stun the enemy when she counters. If someone already has a good tenacity but needs potency give them 2 potency sets and a tenacity set, and vice versa. You can hit both ideals with a few good mods.

4) Speed.
Now we get to the sets that are designed to maximise damage output. Speed is the first of these, and potentially the best when used on someone who already has a high base speed. That’s the important thing to remember here. Because it adds a percentage of base speed, anyone who is slow to start with isn’t really seeing the benefit of this set. Leia and Rey are good examples here. However remember that a 5* speed primary adds 30 speed and I’ve seen secondary’s in the 20’s, so you can get a ridiculous amount of speed and benefit from another set bonus instead if you have the right mods.

3) Offence.

Now it is a little bit complex to work out exactly when you should use the offence set and when you should use the crit damage set, and it depends on the characters crit chance (more on that later). Basically if a hero has a terrible crit chance, give them offence because they won’t be crit-ing enough to warrant extra crit damage. Off the top of my head I know that Fives is better with Offence as he has a lower crit chance at base.

2) Crit Chance.
For damage dealers, I think crit chance is the best 2 piece set. Even if someone has a low crit chance and you’ve given them an Offence set, you still want them to crit as much as possible because they’ll deal more damage! Geonosian Soldier is absolutely great with extra crit chance because of his unique, when he crits he gains 50% TM which is awesome. The droids are obviously fantastic with a crit chance set for exactly the same reason under an HK lead.

1) Crit Damage.
The formula you need to manipulate to work out if Offence is better than Crit Damage based on a characters crit chance is (1+x)* [ 1 + (0.5+ z) y ], where X is offence, Z is crit damage and Y is crit chance. If that is nonsense to you, don’t worry, the point at which Crit Damage becomes better than Offence is roughly a Crit Chance of 40%. Remeber when trying to work out the crit chance you also need to consider things like Phasma’s Victory March which increases crit chance by 1/3 (as 1 in 3 turns you have a guaranteed crit) and uniques that manipulate it as this isn’t shown in the stats screen annoyingly! For the majority of damage dealers, the best sets to go with are a Crit Chance and a Crit Damage set, as this gives you a great number of extremely high damage crits!

I hope this helps with your focus on which mod challenges to aim for, and happy mod hunting!!