Marvel Future Fight 2.4.0 Update Details Gwenpool, White Tiger, Hulkling, Songbird, Squirrel Girl and more join the Fight!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We are pleased to announce that Marvel Future Fight will be getting updated to version 2.4. Here is a list of all the changes and additions that we are bringing to the game. We hope that you are prepared for some more awesome content!

6 New Characters

 “Gwenpool”, “White Tiger”, “Wiccan”, “Hulkling”, “Songbird”, “Squirrel Girl” join the Fight!

* Gwenpool will be appear as a Dimension Shifter in the New Special Missions! Her Biometrics drop based on a certain percentage. She is also available in the “Get 20 Biometrics Daily” package.

* White Tiger, Wiccan, Hulkling, Songbird, and Squirrel Girl are available through the new Special Missions!

New Team Bonuses and Achievements have been added for all the new characters.

6 New Tier-2 Advancement

 Following characters are available to Advance their power in 2.4.0!

 – Gwenpool: Lady Mercenary

 – White Tiger: Animal Instinct

 – Wiccan: Magic Field

 – Hulkling: Skrull Skin

 – Songbird: Sonic Pitch

 – Squirrel Girl: Unbeatable

 [Advancement?]    A character which is Advanced from Tier-1 to Tier-2 will gain a stat increase, as well as a new passive skill.   * Level, Mastery, and Gear Upgrade will not change after the Advancement.

 2 New Uniforms

  New Uniforms have been added for Nebula and Wasp

* New Uniforms will be on sale during the sales period. * You will be available to check more details and changes in Marvel Universe and Uniform room.

5 New Special Missions

New special missions will take you to every corner of the Earth in order to rescue the New Avengers.

* We strongly recommend running your special missions before the update to make the most out of your progress bar! Entries will reset when the new update is launched.

* Guardians of Galaxy and Ant-Man Chapters are available in Dimension Rifts.

Alliance Tournament

Alliance Tournament has been added for the TOP 16 Alliances in Alliance Battle!

  1. Whenever Alliance Tournament is in progress, you will be able to check the event icon at the bottom.
  2.  The tournament structure will start at the Round of 16, and then progress until a winner is decided in the final. Which of the top 16 Alliances will be crowned the best alliance in Marvel Future Fight?

Not in the top 16 Alliances but still want extra rewards? You can cheer for your favorite alliance and receive rewards depending on their performance in the tournament!

* Rewards will be based on the performance of your cheered alliance.

Dimension Rift Changes

  1. Search

Due to advancements with our Dimension Rift technology, you will no longer have to find dimension rifts. Instead, you will be able to search for Dimension Rifts any time that you want to open one.

* Bonus effects have also been added. These are based on your VIP Level.

Screenshot taken from the test build. Live build may vary

  1. Based on the VIP level of the finder, Dimension Rifts are separated by grades [Normal, Advanced, Rare, Heroic, Legendary, Mythical] and will have following bonuses.
  2. Pressing the search button will open a Dimension Rift
  3. The Bonus Bar will be filled based on how many times you and your friends/alliance members complete the dimension rift. You will be able to receive the reward up to 3 times per Dimension Rift.

* Completion Bar will be shared with those who enter the rift.

  1. Search Function Added

*Screenshot taken from the test build. Live build may vary

  1. You can change rifts with the Search Again button with a small fee.
  2. Use the Open button to open the Dimension Rift.
  3. Other Changes

– Except for Loki’s Dimension Rift, other old dimension rifts are no longer searchable.

– Guardians of Galaxy and Ant-Man Chapters will be appear as a New Dimension Rifts.

World Boss Improvements

  1. You can select a team with the team bonus button
  2. Striker’s bonus option List

You will be able to check all striker’s bonus option with All Ally Heroes button.

  1. Exit & Retry

You will be able to either Retry or Exit from the settings menu in World Boss Mode.

  1. Black Dwarf and Super Giant’s Special Skill changes

– Black Dwarf: Immune to Physical Attack Ignore Physical Attack

– Super Giant: Immune to Energy Attack Ignore Energy Attack 

Attendance Reward Changes

Time to boost your characters even quicker with the all new Attendance Rewards.

* To ensure that everybody starts equally, all current progress in the Attendance Reward track will be reset.

Team Menu Changes

You can now sort your characters by their tiers.

New Options

  1. Auto Play+ and Auto Play++

You will be able to select either Auto Play+ or Auto Play++ in the Options Menu

  • l This option is only available for VIP 2 or higher.
  1. Main Hero

You will be able to select from your favorite Characters to be your avatar(including Uniforms). This Character will be shown in Rankings, Friends, and Alliance Member Lists

* You can select your Main Hero up to 3 times a day.

* If you own certain character’s uniform without owning the character itself, you can set the uniformed character as your avatar.

Other Changes 

  1. Following Character’s dropping place of biometrics has been changed.

– Destroyer: Dimension Rifts Hero Chest

– Captain America, Ghost Rider, Blade, Hawkeye, Vision, Iron Fist, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Panther:

Dimension Rifts + Story Missions Story Missions

– Sharon Rogers: Event Mission Hero Chest

– Star-Lord: Chaotic Chest Hero Chest

  1. In-Game Friends tab is now shown first in the Friends menu.  
  2. You will be able to check your selected character’s Level Requirements for Gear Upgrading.  
  3. Fixed an issue with buff icons disappearing during battle for certain characters. The buff will be re-activated once the character meets the requirements after tagging-in to the battle field.

– Hulk(Enraged), Red Skull(Military Resistance), Destroyer(Odin’s Enchantment),

Red Hulk(Absorb Radiation, Overheat), Venom(Infestation), Yellowjacket(Bounce Back)

* Passive buffs will not activated if those characters are not in the battle filed

  1. Fixed an issue with Full Energy Push Notifications being sent even though your energy is not full.
  2. Fixed an issue with Gear Upgrade materials not being shown for certain characters.
  3. Fixed an issue where the % does not shown in the ‘Get 20 Biometrics Daily’.
  4. Fixed an issue with S.H.I.E.L.D. Item Shops not refreshing correctly in certain situations.
  5. Fixed an issue with Live Battleworld where skills are not shown in certain situations.
  6. Fixed an issue with Live Battleworld where the round proceeds while the screen is still black.
  7. Tapping the promoted Characters in the Main Lobby will send you directly to the Hero Information in Marvel Universe.
  8. Fixed an issue with ISO-8 Upgrading where it could select the ISO-8 that is currently being upgraded and error message that would send you back to title screen
  9. Fixed an issue with Gear Upgrading showing an error message and restarting the game.
  10. Fixed an issue with Daily Mission Bonus Chest not showing the POP-UP in certain situations.
  11. AI pattern in Timeline Battle will be more variable and all kinds of boost will also be applied
  12. Fixed an issue with Tier-2 Advanced Characters having Best Condition.
  13. Fixed an issue with Battleworld showing a network error when you have insufficient Entry Fees.
  14. Tutorial has been improved to better help newer players get used to the game.
  15. S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab’s UI and control has been changed.  
  16. The World Boss bonus Icon has been repositioned.
  17. In the Uniform Store, Characters that have a uniform but has yet to have one purchased will be more noticeable.
  18. Retry Button has been added when you have fail in Story Mission, Special Mission, Daily Mission, Dimension Rifts, and Event Stages. (Retry Button will send you back to the preparation screen).
  19. Winter Soldier – Captain America: Civil War Uniform’s skill “Sharpshooter” will hit enemies more efficiently.
  20. Star-Lord’s skill “Hadron Enforcer” will hit enemies more correctly.
  21. The following modes will reset entry after the update:

Alliance Battle, Missions (except World Boss), Dimension Rifts. 


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