Who is Gwenpool anyways??? #Gwenpool #Marvel #MFF #FutureFight


For many people who haven’t stayed up on actual comic books, which can be tough with all the comic related cartoons, shows and movies, some of the newer characters recently added to Marvel: Future Fight may not be as familiar.  Of course we all know and love the Hulk, Spidey, Cap and the gang – but who the heck are these NEW Avengers and more specifically Gwenpool? Let’s find out…


Through unrevealed means, Gwen Poole arrived to Earth-616 from what she claims to be “the real world.” Unwilling to be an “extra,” she went to a tailor for super-heroes and requested her own costume to stand out. The tailor Ronnie complied, but she also misread Gwen’s form, and thought the young girl went by the alias of “Gwenpool.”

More info on Gwenpool here:  http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Gwen_Poole_(Earth-TRN565)




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