Marvel Future Fight Uniform Guide and Reviews


Netmarble recently released an update for Marvel: Future Fight along with a 22+ day Uniform sale in game.  x72821 from the MFF TeamSkunk Alliance has provided a uniform guide to make sure you make the most of any uni purchase decisions.  Here is what he had to say:

These are all of the uniforms I use and I will give a quick rundown on why I got them…
Iron Man: early game is is very strong, and his leadership (skill cooldown) helps out a lot until you get stronger cards.
Ghost Rider: He is fire immune and his new uniform has better skills then the others, and he is needed for shadowlands.
Blackwidow: She is easy to farm and a strong speed character and to be blunt I think the other bw uniform looks stupid.
Throot: He heals and he is lightning immune, and it makes him universal Lady Loki- the best DPS character in the Game – she beats Sharon Rogers, she beats thanos, she is the first character you should get and the first uniform you should get.
Red Skull: He helps loki, I am P2P and his uniform only comes into play when I am playing and drinking and therefor mess up and let loki die, completly optional otherwise.
Iron Patriot (War Machine): He is capable of plowing 10-8 with the uniform, and if you get a uniform for him it might as well say I love America.
Sharon Charter (Agent 13): Great leadership (skill cooldown) until you get high order cards and easy to farm and a necessary striker for Corvus glaive Iron Fist: T2 and he just wins.
Angela: this uniform makes all of her skills fire, put a double fire obelisk on her and pair her with daisy or war wolf and watch the destruction.
Blingpin: the best f2p plow in the game and this uniform makes him blast type character.
Hulkbuster: His leadership gives plus all attack and he is good in timeline until you have T2 characters, and he pairs well with Iron man and war machine early on.
Ronan: He is here for his leadership, plus attack and defense for universal characters, which is usually loki, but can also make your hyperion/thor a world boss clear too antman-T2 and just win.
Goliath (Giantman): He is the best physical attack striker and part of team pym Daisy: This uniform doubles her damage buff deathlok: makes him a blast character.
Elsa Bloodstone: This uniform makes her one of the best Moonnight: The skill doesnt help, just for 10% stat boost.
Sister Grimm: She has clones and does super high DPS and is a crit damage machine and her uniform adds a burn.
I realize that’s a pretty long list, but that’s why I got the uniforms I did, and I know there are a few more I intend to get during the sale, but I don’t usually get any uniforms for characters I haven’t 6* yet which is why I don’t have hulk, spidoc, starlords, or univision because they are all 3-4* still.
If anyone has any particular questions about one of them let me know on Discord, x72821#9748.
Thanks x72821!  Also, don’t forget to check out our Discord channel for Marvel Future Fight here and join the MFF Facebook Group here.


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