SWGOH Top 10 Abilities to Omega for the New Raid Tank Takedown | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In this Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes segment taken from Fridays Live Show we will cover the Top 10 SWGOH Omega Abilities You Don’t Have but SHOULD for the Next Raid. All of these are guesses are based on a very limited trailer and the mechanics of the current game. Most of the characters are available free to play but one is still pay to play exclusive. This list does not include omegas on abilities that people have been using for months. All of these guesses could be completely and totally wrong. The rationale for these choices is based on a number of conclusions on the new raid: 1) There will be multiple droid adds that need to be stunned or killed quickly. 2) Defense and Armor of the Tank raid boss will have a substantial role in determining damage output. 3) There will be outgoing damage to your raid team that would benefit from healing. Watch us LIVE every Friday at 8:30 PM EST!

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