Q&A Regarding New Updates for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes #SWGOH

EA_Jesse wrote:
Ok everyone, here are the questions and answers I was able to address (or in some cases not address because I can’t yet :) ). If I missed your question I apologize! I didn’t dodge any on purpose.

Who do you think the new character will be?

  • More details on this as we get closer to the launch of the new Raid.

What player level and gear level is the new tank raid geared towards?

  • We’ll reveal more details like these with the patch notes once we get a little closer to the new Raid release date.

If level 85, will defeating non-heroic levels or even Rancor heroic give experience towards the level cap?

  • No, this will not grant XP towards the level cap.

Are you going to re-adjust Credit Heist to accommodate the extra cost of having to level all of our characters… again?

  • Currently no, the amount of credits earned through the Credit Heist event will remain the same.

Any chance of re-balancing Mods (improving set bonuses, reducing secondary stat bonuses)?

  • No changes are planned for mods at this time.

Did you think this through and consider what happens if all 50members of a guild create a guild a few days before raid lands? And/or everyone create a guild with their alt?
Or are you finally fixing the double guild jump back and forth for twice the rewards of people playing as intended?

  • We’re putting new measures in place to prevent players from doing this. More details on this to come.

Is there any chance that we will see some new challenge tiers along with this level cap increase?

  • Yes, there will be new challenge tiers.

New daily challenges?

  • I do not have all of the information on this, will share once I know more.

First there was a raid… then no raid but mention of ships… now we’re back to raid but no mention of ships?

  • Ships are still being worked on. The Raid was delayed for the reasons stated in the announcement at the start of this post.

With The level increase what does that mean for daily omegas? Will we still get them at level 80 or will we need to advance to level 85?

  • You will still be able to obtain your daily Omega by completing all activities for the day from levels 80-85.

My burning question is, what about tier 6 and tier 7 mods? Are those on the back-burner now? Will those also be available with the new raid?

  • There will not be 6 or 7 star mods in the new Raid.

Will there be new Cantina, LS and HS nodes?

  • Yes.



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