Zurin Fet’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy #SWGOH Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mods Detailed Tool and Database

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Contents on this file will help you with a rough guidance – a rule of thumb – on which characters can use specific mods to their best. Please take it with pinch of salt. I’ll be emphasizing slots 2/4/6 only. You can follow the same rules as to what prioritize when looking for substats.  The guidelines presented here work best at the endgame, but can help you plan along your leveling process.   Premium mods will be highlighted, by premium, I mean mods that are really good.   I also won’t emphasize too much on characters that have very specific mod builds or characters that don’t see much use at this current point in the end game.

Access the Mod Guide here!

Zurin Fet’s Mod Database and Optimizer v1.61(beta)

Access the Mod DATABASE here!


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