Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Update 10/11/2016 Notes #SWGOH


A new post featuring the recent update to SWGOH was released on the official forums:

WHAT’S NEW- Level cap increase
Are you once again ready to make your heroes more powerful than ever before? Let the training begin – the maximum level is being raised to LEVEL 85! In celebration of the level cap increasing to 85, double drops will be active in Galactic War until Friday. While you’re partying on, please peruse the changes below:

  • Cantina battles Stage 8 unlocks at player level 83
  • Character gear adjustments have been made for the new 81-85 level cap
  • 81+ gear has been added to Shipments
  • New 80+ gear ingredients have been added to various locations of the game
  • New challenges are available
  • Campaign battles have a new stage added (Stage 9)

Light and Dark Side Battles
Light side Stage 9 campaign battles unlock at player level 82
Light side stage 9 HARD battles unlock at player level 82
Dark side stage 9 campaign battles unlocks at player level 85
Dark side stage 9 HARD battles unlock at player level 85
New achievements have been added for the following:

  • Cantina stage completion
  • Light Normal/Hard stage completions
  • Dark Normal/Hard stage completions
  • Level 85


  • Fixed a bug where the leaderboard from the previous raid attempt was not displaying after rewards were distributed.

  • Fixed and issue where the achievement for Cantina Stage 8 Battles is not displayed

  • Viewing the prizes and ranks tab in Squad Tournaments will load faster

  • Fixed a variety of infrequent crash bugs to improve overall stability

  • Fixed a typo on Old Daka’s unique ability “Serve Again”

  • Shoretrooper: “Regroup” now correctly reduces in cooldown when buffs are dispelled from Shoretrooper.

  • Shoretrooper: Critical Chance Down applied by ‘Target Weapons’ will now correctly reduce Special Critical Chance

  • Notifications have been added when a guild member/officer has abandoned the raid

  • Fixed an issue where Bronzium packs would grant Two Star Clone Sergeant – Phase I instead of the intended One Star result

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Luke Skywalker appears as an opponent

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