Marvel: Future Fight Elsa Bloodstone Tier 2 Review and Guide MFF

 x72821, from the TeamSkunk MFF Alliance, provided a great review of Elsa Bloodstone on the Marvel: Future Fight forums.  Here is what he had to say:

T2 Elsa Bloodstone Review:

T2 Passive: When skill No Escape (no uniform)/Red Flame (uniform) is used apply to self 100% chance to pierce barrier effects (10 sec), guaranteed dodge +24% (10 sec), Immune to all damage (5 sec).   Cool Down time 3 sec

Cooldown time of No Escape/Red Flame prior to cards/gear: 13 seconds.

Absolute Minimum Cooldown time: 7 seconds

My Elsa’s Set Up

Uniform: Yes (Mandatory): 10% rate when attacking apply to self:

Skill Cooldown -35%, All Attack +30%, All Speed +8%, Critical Rate +35%, Cooldown time 20 sec.

Cooldown Time: 8 seconds, 7 sec w/uniform proc

ISO 8: Hawk’s Eye (Slot 1) & I Am Also Groot (Slot 2)

3* Obelisk: Recovery Rate 42%, Ignore Dodge 30%, Hit point recovery 5% w/below 30% health.

 My Play Style:

I am not the greatest mobile gamer, often make mistakes, don’t usually restart levels, don’t take the time to memorize boss moves, and play on an IPhone 5s, so some levels suffer from some lag, particularly meteor alliance battles.

 Story Mission/Villain Siege:

She can solo any story mission/Villain.

World Boss:

I used the following team to evaluate world bosses:

Elsa lead (+30 physical damage), Angela, Sister Grimm

This gives the following bonuses:

Hunters at Heart: All Attack +4.9%, Dodge + 5%

Witchhunt: Critical Rate + 4.8%, Critical Damage 4.7%

This team was probably overkill, but allowed Elsa to solo every (non Infinity Thanos) world boss except Black Dwarf (Anti-Physical Damage), but the team was still able to defeat him.  I could not beat Infinity Thanos with her, but I suspect in the hands of someone who is willing to do more than one retry you probably could.

Alliance Battle

Team Composition: Elsa Lead, T2 Antman, Silk

Elsa was able to solo to 100,000 damage before she took a massive meteor barrage and died while on cooldown and off invincibility the first time I tried Speed Alliance Battle with her.  The second time, she was able to get to slightly higher at 115,000 before being caught in the same situation.  Unfortunately, my phone lags really bad around this point in the meteors, so it’s very difficult for me to really give an objective review of her, but the youtube shows that she is totally able to do it, just not on a 3 year old phone.


During the Elsa requirement female battleworld, I ran T2 Elsa and T2 Sharon Rogers as my first 2 characters and when 18/20 wins with all of those wins not going to my third character.  In the two losses, it was against T2 Sharon Rogers, T2 Silks


The most frustrating stage of the game.  I don’t know what was happening, but despite trying a T2 Elsa, T2 Antman, and a fully maxed T1 Silk, I died almost immediately trying to clear the New Avengers Speed Rumble every single time even if Elsa was had just used her 6* skill and should have been immune.  Not sure what was going on, but she was worthless in the Speed rumble, but did much better in the speed relay and was able to effectively solo it.


I tried both running her on my team in both a leadership and secondary slot, and also fighting against her, and in all cases found her to be a lackluster character.  Although her barrier penetrates Loki’s shields, the prevalence of T2 Sharon Rogers in Vibranium league makes her almost unplayable.  The reason for this is that Sharon Rogers 3* skill comes off cooldown first, and absorbs any damage done by Elsa before she is able to activate her 6* skill and activate her 6* skill and immunity.  Therefore, Elsa is dead before she is even a threat.

ISO 8 Recommendations:

For the most part, a recovery set is wasted on her once she is at T2.  The reason is that her passive gives her a 24% guaranteed dodge (10 sec cooldown) and 5 seconds of invincibility, so she is not hit often, however, the only exception to this is in Alliance battle where there are enough mobs that during the 5 seconds of invulnerability you can usually get it to proc and it does help in that game mode.  Otherwise, you are much better off going with an offensive set and just doing more damage when you use your skills.

Overall Opinion:

She is a great T2 and is totally worth a T2 rank up ticket.  Her basic utility remains unchanged, at T1, the game plan with Elsa was use Red Flame, run around until it was off cooldown, rinse & repeat.  The only thing that has changed is that now, you can use other skills for 5 seconds before you have to run around.  However, she should not be the first, second, or even third T2 you go for.  Although her T2 does a lot to address her squishiness, she is still exposed for several seconds and is not for an inexperienced player.  She will still die if you make mistakes, and unlike T2 Carnage, does not have a native heal to fix those mistakes.  Additionally, her uniform remains a must, which further increases her cost if not already purchased.  That said, she will bring you an easy world boss clear most days, and increase your score dramatically if not clear speed AB completely.

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