Baze Malbus 7 Star Arena Gameplay Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Fábio Berbert de Paula posted in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Brasil Facebook Group his video gameplay of 7 Star Baze Malbus.  Baze is a fearsome Rebel Tank who Taunts, dispels buffs, and inflicts debuffs.  He synergizes with Chirrut Imwe, is only available in Chromium packs and he is very slow with a base speed of 90.  

Fabio had this to say in his post:

Baze Malbus – segue vídeo pra quem tiver curiosidade em ver o novo personagem chromium em ação. Só não me perguntem o quanto gastei, não tenho coragem de checar minha fatura no momento.

**TRANSLATED** Baze malbus – follow video for those who have curious to see the new character chromium in action. I just don’t ask me how much I spent, I don’t have the courage to check my bill at the moment.
Thank you to Fabio for sharing his gameplay of Baze Malbus!  I have heard reports from various SWGOH players that to obtain Baze through Chromium packs they had to spend between $1800 to $2500 USD in crystals.  The most economical option in obtaining Baze at 7 Stars seems to be to try for an unlock in Chromium packs and then finish him off in the Shipments. You can check out more character reviews and guides here.
Game image of Baze courtesy of Dr. Nocard of TeamSkunk.  Nocard had this to say about his Baze:
I need to gear him to g11. Should be ready in a day.  I got him to 190 speed. And he still feels slow.
Looking forward to seeing Baze Mabus and Chirrut Imwe together in the future.


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