Ships Exclusive Unveiling and Maxed Out Ships Gameplay #SWGOH

AhnaldT101, from TeamSkunk Den of Ren, posted an Exclusive Ships Gameplay video today to prepare for the new update coming to Star wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  View the characters in action as well as the powers, abilities and synergies of their personal ships.

We get to see the Fleet Commanders and their Capital ships: Endurance and Mace Windu, Home One and Admiral Ackbar, Executrix and Grand Moff Tarkin, as well as all the Ships and Crew: Slave I and Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Star Fighter and Ahsoka Tano, Imperial TIE Fighter and TIE Fighter Pilot, Umbaran Starfighter and Fives, Rex’s ARC-170 and Rex, First Order TIE Fighter and First order TIE Pilot, Biggs Darklight’s X-wing and Biggs Darklighter, Poe Dameron’s X-wing and Poe Dameron, Wedge Antilles’s X-wing and Wedge Antilles, Bistan’s U-wing and Bistan plus Scarif Rebel Pathfinder, Clone Sergeant’s ARC-170 and Clone Sergeant Phase I, Jedi Consular’s Star Fighter and Jedi Consular, Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter and Plo Koon, Resistance X-wing and Resistance Pilot, Geonosian Spy’s Starfighter and Geonosian Spy, Geonosian Soldier’s Starfighter and Geonosian Soldier, Sun Fac’s Starfighter and Sun Fac, Scimitar and Darth Maul and of course the Millennium Falcon (Ep VII) and Rey plus Finn.

Here is what he had to say:

Hey everyone!

Super excited and pleased to share with you some exclusive gameplay of ships! Today I show you what ships look like when they are completely maxed out, some of the new mechanics of ships, and we take them to the new fleet arena where I challenge Mobilegamer. More awesome/exclusive content heading your way and I may be doing a livestream when the update rolls out to answer questions you guys may have about ships or my most recent trip to EA!

Thanks for watching and may the Force be with you all!

Check out AhnaldT101’s channel here.

Additional Screen Shots of the Ships:

Be sure to catch the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Live Show this Friday at 8:30 PM Eastern for more ships info and commentary.
(SWGOH Ship release date 11/22/2016 on iOS and Android)



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