Death Trooper is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! #SWGOH

Electronic Arts just announced that the newest character addition to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will be the Death Trooper from Rogue One!  Not only will we get Death Trooper, but Director Krennic as well (not quite as cool at the DT though).

Here is what they released so far:

Special Operations- Earn shards for Director Krennic and Death Trooper while learning how his skills work during this exclusive limited time event

  • This 2 week-long operation is actually 4 events in 1, during which players can use Director Krennic and Death Trooper in their own squads using the new forced-ally tech first unveiled in Escape from Jedha.
  • This event unlocks at player lv 20
  • No unit restrictions. Bring any squad you want!

More information will be detailed in an upcoming in game newsletter on 1/25

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More details from the update released today here including a new Assault Battle Event as well as a hint at some future character types.


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