How to Build the Best Deck for Grand Moff Tarkin in Force Arena SWFA

Grand Moff Tarkin 1v1 / 2v2 Deck
– Submitted by Cyberghost113

Hey guys, this is the GMT deck I use for 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 battles. This deck is built around Tarkin’s ability synergy (50% chance for support cards to refund 1 energy). I’ve had extremely strong success with this deck. It’s helped me climb all the way to tier 6!

· Can be played very defensively or aggressively
· Strong control vs leaders and units
· Cycles your cards fast, and for low cost
· Great pushing potential
· Compliments leader skill and ability

· Can have a full hand of support cards to start
· Struggles against double tanks (in 1 lane..Lando)
· Sustained damage is low
· Tough to play against Han/Chewie and Cassian/K2SO

Deck Strategy:
The way I play this deck comes down to getting your hand set up. I start off by cycling the cards I want in my hand first (do this in a smart fashion). If your playing against someone that can dive a turret (Luke, Ezra, Sabine) you really want an energy net or stun in your hand, as well as Devorian Bladesmen. Once they initiate or dive, I throw my bladesmen behind my tower and stun the leader on the turret. Try to cut them down quickly and soak damage for your turret. *Keep an eye on you health pack!* A lot of dive compositions rely on stealing your health pack. Once you’ve killed them, or they have low health/energy you want to try and retaliate with your AT-ST. If played right, there’s almost no reason NOT to have near full energy after these exchanges.

Against less aggressive characters the strategy is similar, just not on your tower. You want to show them how little energy you need to spend to counter them. It throws a lot of people off when you can counter a full push with 3 energy. This is where you can start to win..with mind games. I take it upon myself to take out the opposing leader as often and efficiently as possible.

The Push:
Following up your encounters with a strong push is key. Your ideal push hand is ATST, energy net, sandtrooper AND having your orbital strike ready. I like to place my ATST as far up my lane as possible, followed by a Sandtrooper roughly 10-15 feet behind (he moves faster, we don’t want him to have the aggro). Once these are down you need to be ready with your Energy net and Orbital Strike. The enemy will inevitably summon units to deal with your ATST. This is where Tarkin shines. Call in your Orbital Strike on the units closest/under your ATST, once it’s initiated use your energy net to pull, or keep enemy units and often heroes, within its radius. Almost every Rebel unit will die to this.

Rinse and repeat. Most of the time you will find yourself on a victory screen.

*Please keep in mind, split pushes may throw this deck a bit, watch for GNK droids, and tanks. BUT! Know if you see these things you can deal with them with only your leader, most of the time they’ve used their remaining energy to call that unit*

Hope you try this out and let me know what you think!

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