Star Wars: Force Arena Best Unique Cards Rankings List #SWFA

With 20 available Unique Cards for the legendary leader characters in Star Wars: Force Arena mobile app game there are so many great choices.  Below you will find, and can vote for, the best Uniques in the game.  You can use this list to help you as you progress through SWFA and make sure your trading, leveling, ranking and deck building are going towards the right Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance Uniques.  With limited credits you need to make sure you are investing in the proper ranking and promotion of your best cards.  Their level, skills and unique abilities can make or break a fight.

Check back often as this is a LIVE voting and rank system, so it’s best to bookmark this page or remember the url of  The more people who participate in the voting and ranking of the uniques the better, so feel free to share this rankings list with your friends and guildmates.  There is a share feature at the bottom of the page for all the most popular social media sites.

Below is a listing of the best Unique Cards currently in SWFA including both Galactic Empire (Dark Side) and Rebel Alliance (Light Side).  Cast your vote below and then check out the Legendary Leader rankings here:


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