How to Change your iTunes Store Country or Region to Download Apps and Games (Example New Zealand)


Almost all of the developers for mobile games and apps (iOS, Android, etc.) launch in New Zealand first due to the time zones. Usually by 11 pm the night of NZ launches, the U.S. gets the game, too. Most games start in NZ and spread through other regions as the time zones catch up. This is almost always the case with apps, especially with big name developers or household brand name developers. Also many games and apps are released much earlier, sometimes 2 years or more, in different Countries.  A great example of this is Star Wars: Force Arena which requires the Australia region.

Some hardcore gamers use multiple iTunes accounts attached to different regions to be one of the first to test out or try new games long before they are released in the actual regions they reside in. Reddit user Excuse_my_GRAMMER posted this regarding  having multiple iTunes accounts:

Well I have 4 different iTunes accounts Canada , Australia , Saudi Arabia

I got Canada account to play supercell games since they always release in Canada first (beta test) I played boom beach for 4month before it release in U.S. , I have played spooky poo and smash land before they got cancel

I been playing the walking dead: road to survival for a month off the Australia account

I been playing Dawn of Titan off the Saudis Arabia account

So I know how the softlaunch and beta testing works for iPhone games

So when you see or hear about other people using apps and games before you see them available in your current app store, check to see if they are available in other regions.

Here is a video showing how to change your region in your iTunes account:

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