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Are you looking to join a SWGOH guild?

TeamSkunk is the largest gaming guild community in existence today.  TeamSkunk was first founded by Lord Skunk from the YouTube community when Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes released guilds.  TeamSkunk launched with over 12 guilds and has now grown to over 55 guilds currently playing SWGOH with additional factions in other games like Star Wars: Force Arena and Marvel: Future Fight.

The Community has set up Guilds for anyone in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes player base to join. Regardless of your player level, roster or spend level we will welcome you and find a Guild within our community that best fits your play style.  Each player will have the ability and will be encouraged to rise through the ranks and get promoted through the different Guild tiers as they progress through the game.

The Community started in mid to late February and we have the fastest growing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes YouTube channel, Voice and Text chat with our Discord Server, and a website to share information.

We currently have over 2800 members in Discord chat and it’s growing everyday.  Every member will have a place in a TeamSkunk Guild.  Having this voice chat puts us FAR AHEAD of other guilds who do not have this feature.  We have some of the top players in the world all the way down to people who just started the game.  So wherever you are at in your game progression we can find the best Guild tier to match you.

If you are interested in joining the first step is to join our Discord Server to coordinate with us.  Also be sure to view our YouTube channel, Website you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Many of the TeamSkunk guilds are filling some remaining spots. Our guilds range so all level ranges, player levels and playstyles can find a home in the right TeamSkunk guild. If you are looking for a long term guild to call home check us out.


Please keep all chat communication and media shared clean and safe for work and members of all ages.  Failure to abide by the chat guidelines will result in immediate and permanent removal from the community.  Enjoy the BEST SW:GoH Community in the GALAXY!

Ready to join TeamSkunk?

It’s pretty simple. Let us know about you in this format:
Example: SanHolo|80|15/7/20|2|12|123-456-789 | T6

Post that info in our Discord chat by clicking CONNECT below:

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